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Meriken Co

A bright modern building, some warehouses atmosphere.
Very sparingly furnished and airy, very clear.

You will find there high-quality individual items for men and women.

For all who find Meriken is too small, there are other very nice shops on the Sim.

The offer is manageable but a look it's always worth :-)

Here the taxi:


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

Vanity Hair

A really big spacious store, classically-inspired design.
Columns and ornaments determine the style.
Vanity Hair is placed in the middle part of the plant, surrounded by various shops.
Just a great skybox.

Offered are some very strange hair style.

Vanity is definitely an asset in the range hairstyle :-)

Here the taxi:


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[PM] Pixel Mode

Tya Fallingbridge has done it:
The oldest SL designer (2003) I know has finished her shop relaunch.

In a modern ambience, very airy, skillful and stylish in the color she presented her creations on two floors.

Shoes, nails and clothes. Many current mesh offers.

Well worth a visit for sure :-)

Here the taxi:

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A huge shop, really very big. The whole building in front are occupied on two floors.
There is plenty of space between the vendors.
Very beautiful fashion photos are shown, partly brave arrangements.

Be offered clothes, shoes and accessories, both for her and him.
I have photographed only the women's department :-)

Some time you should have to explore Gizza.

Here the taxi:


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You land in the middle of the Prefabrica buildings and you can now go or by TP to the individual sections.
The buildings themselves are designed in great detail.
We visit the Mesh/Sculpty department.
After the TP you are immediately in front of impressive vehicles.
The whole building is crowded with vendors, so keep calm and inspect everything carefully.

Be offered in addition to all kinds of vehicles Prefabs in excellent quality.

Not just for builders :-)

Here the taxi:


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EarthStones Jewelry

You land on a small island in the middle of a beautiful landscape, we follow the signpost EarthStones. It goes over a bridge to the mainshop.
A relatively large building, lots of dark wood, very rustic in the equipment.

In several rooms, and upstairs in a small 1st floor jewelry is presented.
All very nicely done. Men also will find here a lot.

If women need new jewelry - let's hurry up :-)

Here the taxi:

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Demon Skins
Violet Studios

A large dark building, a spacious and atmospheric shop.

A uge offer of quite interresting items, almost all well done.
Here the fantasy and science fiction fan will find all he needs to pimp his Avatar.
Several rooms and two floors.

A glimpse into another world is always worthwhile :-)

Here the taxi:


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Apple Mae Design

Landing point is on a space directly in front of the shop.
A large complex of buildings in a park
We follow the sign for clothes and get on a flight of stairs into the main building.
Here we find a spacious beautifully decorated shop.
In several rooms, and upstairs are the items presented

All very nice.

I recommend a visit to the "apple" :-)

Here the taxi:


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India salutes. A building in the style of the country. Even an elephant is there.
Around a courtyard with a large flower sculpture rooms are arranged where items will be offered.
To the upper floor can be reached via TP.
The whole mood is very fine.

Offerings are very well made clothes.
Upstairs there is the ethnic division.

Zaara is necessarily on the shopping list :-)

Here's the cab:


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N-core design

A modern, bright and straight-lined building.
Also inside all is very discreet and generous.
Sparingly decorated, beautiful product photos and decorative large shoes.

Offered are quality shoes - what else?
And then upstairs yet smart clothes.

N-core design is not just for shoe freaks :-)

Here the taxi:


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Fiction and Chaos

Again you end up in shallow water.
The whole ground floor of the mainshop is also flooded.

A gloomy building with several floors of nooks and crannies.

Offered are clothes, hair and accessories.
At the top of the roof some dark prefabs.

Who has rubber boots can visit Fiction & Chaos :-)

Here the taxi:


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An old classic building, made large but very nice.
Also inside perfectly designed decorated economical and a successful presentation of items in several rooms.

Offered are animations, skins, shapes, and hair.
Not bad the offer - I got rid of some Lindens :-)

Ploom is worth a trip.

Here's the cab:


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Avatar, Home, Garden.

Really a wonderful atmosphere.
An old large wooden house, some flashy colors, all set very masterfully.
In part, it is all still under construction, but definitely worth seeing.

Offered is almost everything you need.
Prefabs, furniture, skins, clothes, etc.

The ground floor is also a "plunge pool" with offers under water.
Upstairs clothes, skins, etc.
Even for men.

Very independent throughout the range.

For those seeking something special :-)

Here's the cab:


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Mayden Couture

You will land in the middle of the shop, which is very large.
At the landing point you see a TP board, which can be useful for your orientation.

The shop is very pleasing design, beautiful large product photos are on display.

Almost everything is offered: skin, man, dress, shoes and a $ 10 L outlet.
There are some pretty crazy costumes underneath.

The items are not bad, you can certainly spend some money here :-)

Here the taxi:


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Sa'ng Fori Design

Here is a whole sim designed as a shop.
Mediaval, elves, fantasy, etc.
You land on a small bridge and can immediately begin the tour.
Do not stumble over the angler :-)

There are all sorts for outfit, prefabs, furniture, agricultural implements.
Also stylish ethical clothes and mythical animals.

All items are beautifully and lovingly done.
I think you will need hours to explore every last corner.

A trip into the fantasy world is worthwhile :-)

Here the taxi:


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blow up

A small old building in urban style.
Inside very nicely decorated and designed, every detail is made lovingly.
There are 3 floors to be explored.

Clothes and accessories are offered, all nicely done.

An old familiar label new presented here in a modest scale.

Really worth seeing :-)

Here's the cab:


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Really a big huge investment.
A neoclassical city as a whole shop.
Somehow reminded of the concept Armidi.
Nice and made, coherent.

It's just everything coming again :-)

You will land on the large square in front of the TP station.

Offered are almost everything you could need, certainly in view quality.
And for women and men.

Who loves such giant plants is in good hands here.

Here the taxi:


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1792 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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