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In between, some movement again:

Ministry of Motion

An incredible shop. Pure chaos. Everything is colorful, flashy.
Sculptures and objects flying through the air.
Wild tossed and disjointed parts, the first impression.
Very creative, very brave!
But all the chaos system - this is absolutely unique.

Dances and animations are offered here at Ministry of Motion.

A properly designed idiosyncratic store that you have to see :-)

Here the taxi:


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

(I wonder what has led to the name)

Landing point is in front of a charming old brick buildings, all in style overgrown with weeds.
Beautifully decorated with marionettes, a tightrope walker and other elaborate details.
The garden is made great.
Interior is unfortunately less care with decorating announced, but it is still tolerable :-)

You can buy some quality items for women and men as well as accessories.

Here the taxi:


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Punks are also green, at least outwardly :-)

The store was redesigned, cleared the previously existing chaos.
Everything now looks very tidy, the dark atmosphere is coherent.
Neon-colored accents lights the dark..

Personally, I like the old chaos better.

Some gimmicks, such as the tongue chairs invite you to try.
You can apply even as Molokko model.

Probably I have not to imagine the Molokko items  - just punk clothes for men and women.

Here the taxi:


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A very small shop:


Here again very economical and minimal design elements.
But everything seems completely consistent.
I think it's a good example how to communicate easily a nice atmosphere.

The shop consists of only two rooms and a hallway. Offered are hair and a few clothes and skins.

By TP (hangs in the hallway) you get to the field office, a nice little garden - cute kitten, everything is here to buy for little money ..

Here the taxi:


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Dirty Rat

One of the shops that are really good in offering prefabs for Wild West and Urban Style.
All is very detailed designed, even the small mall just before the landing point.
A little nostalgic the whole, you can explore a lot and discover nice corners.

There are also some clothes and accessories.

By TP you can reach the showroom, a rezzaera. Here you can admire the most of the prefabs 1:1.

Enjoy your trip to the "Wild West."

Here the taxi:

dirty rat-1.jpg

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Steampunk powered nuts:


You will land in a huge hall with an impressive huge metal figure in the center and you are welcomed by the Tesla Tip Robot.
Around, very clear, you are leaded to several sections.
Everything is styled in rusted metal. Many machines more or less reasonable but very decorative.
There are many kind clothes, weapons, vehicles and accessories.
The larger parts can be seen in rezzareas.
It takes a lot of time exploring every corner. A Teleport Terminal helps.
Very decorative made - the whole thing.

Here the taxi:


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Eshi Otawara

The shop is not really exhilarating, though completely consistent designed.
Sparingly decorated and furnished, moody sky.

The reason to present the shop anyway are the imaginative clothes of Eshi Otawara,
I am really impressed.
Very brave, very bold, very independent, completely beside the mainstream.

Anyone who is looking for something super extraordinary extravagance will find it here :-)

Here the taxi:


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The "Furniture Farm"


Here you find beautiful American furniture and on the rest of the Sim complete houses.
The real furniture store is in the style of a large farm, around boxes with fully furnished rooms.
In the courtyard, open stands with garden furniture, plants etc.

Everything nice and very detailed designed, even the proposed home accessories.
Most furniture have built in animations.

If you can spend time, visit the houses too, here too is a great love of detail visible.

Here the taxi:


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A "must have seen" for every lover of urban style and design.
The huge store and the entire rest of the Sim are designed perfectly.
To the smallest detail everything is completely consistent.

The product presentation is reasonable and generous.

Here you can get the famous tattoos and clothes.
In the smaller neighboring shops are other well known labels presented.

Take your time and explore addiXion :-)

Here the taxi:


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Dragan Varg

A truly huge facility, but with a lot of time or by using the teleport terminals you can explore everything.
A partially successful blend of castle, medieval, monumental building and god knows what you expected. Nevertheless, the right mixture and a certain ambience is adjusted.
Even it could improve a lot more, my opinion :-)
Many details and gimmiks are scattered everywhere.

The offered  items for Role Play or daily wear are of absolute top class, here there is nothing to complain about. The offer is huge, not for the quick shopper.

Treat yourself to a day trip to Varg Dragan :-)

Here the taxi:


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with the additional label Sweetaholic.

There are only two colors: black and white.
Very classy and elegant design. Generous and spacious. Sparingly decorated.

In addition to the rooms with the presentation of goods, there is a showroom with Catwalk
and in the next room vistas to a Japanese garden in the basement.
Very nicely done :-)

In addition to casual clothing, a special range of kimonos - all very high quality.

I can only recommend a visit.

Here the taxi:


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Hard to believe - but here was not a Japanese but a German designer at work!

You will land in the beautiful barren landscape near a lake.
Now you can first explore the building with the bar or go straight to the main shop.
The entire design is very light, airy, many details will be explored.
The offered items are independently and thoroughly worth a look.

Have fun in SOMAPOP :-)

Here the taxi:


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My computer is running a little slow so I'm sorry I haven't read the whole thread. I hope no one has posted this yet.


Very peaceful and stylish build partly submerged under water. When I don't want to leave a store as opposed to feeling uncomfortable the whole time I am there, I know it's good.

This is the view from indoors.


Zigana shop sm.png

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Trying to add 2 more pix to the above post last night would not work despite a few tries. This time I will just make a new post.

The SLurl was given in the previous post. The shop name is Zigana. 

The owner is very personable and helpful when asked. The grounds are just wonderful to spend time in. I will let the pix do the rest of the talking.

Zigana Mushroom Road sm.png

Zigana Swans 2 sm.png


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Thanks Melita for posting :-)

I hope some others will do the same.

Don't get tired, today we visit


A fairly large shop, several levels will be explored.
Very decorative is everywhere worked with lighting effects and set the scene in the rather dark ambience.
Numerous outbuildings and angle are used for presentation.

There is almost everything, for women and men clothing and accessories, the items offered are not bad :-)

Well worth a visit on to: SEY

Here the taxi:


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You're welcome! I like to highlight things that make me happy in Second Life sometimes. Maybe it will make someone else happy a while too. :)

Thank you for posting everything. I have to go and try all of these new places. Looks very intriguing!

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A look into the future:


Cyberpunk pure!

A futuristic building is already there, unfortunately, can only be seen by camera panning.
You will land right in the main shop, which is relatively small and manageable.

Everything is in black and white designs, including the vendors. Animated textures complement the technical environment. Everywhere flickers or something is moving.
The offered cyberpunk items are made quite imaginative and clean.

For those who likes cyberpunk or technical look are in good hands here :-)

Here the taxi:


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Small is beautiful :-)

Very unique design, bright, friendly with a touch of nature.
Butterflies flying around. Spend some attention to the details in every corner.

And a very diversified offer: shapes, eyes, makeup, clothes, accessories, shoes and jewelry.

Everything done very carefully and high quality.
If you are looking for lovely details for your avatar you will find it here.

Here the taxi:


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And again, small is beautiful:

Dark mouse
"be unique"

A manageable light and friendly Main Shop.
Everything is carefully decorated, many of the details complete the picture.
It takes some time yet, the three rooms and all the corners to inspect, as everything is presented very fragmented.

There are hair and jewelry, very nicely done and individually.

Here the taxi:


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Nonko Romankan

A shop in the open air, ornate, overcharged, overloaded - but really suitable to the offered items.
You will land on a bridge and can convert to the 3 parts of the shop.
Everything is very "doll-like " with a dash of nostalgia.

The items offered are of excellent quality.

Who should have time to explore the rest of the sim, some nice shops and a real movie theater are located there.

There's pure romantic at Nonko Romankan :-)

Here the taxi:


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CanDy Nail

A large bright shop, decorated very spacious and very economical.
Everything was decorated in warm tones, you should feel comfortable, yes.

You have to walk a bit through the decorative elements to inspect the items.

A wide range of nail design to expect, made very clean and very delicate.
Candynail is one of the top names in SL for nail design.

If you value attractive fingernails you will find certainly the right thing here.

Here the taxi:


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Curious Kitties

To an imaginative group of trees, the shop is located. Many rooms, many places, boardwalks to reach the other floors.
It's pure fantasy here, set in a completely consistent scene.
You really need some time to explore Curious Kitties - but worth it.
Be careful, you can easily lose the right path or track :-)

The offered items ranging from accessories to clothes, skin and hair.
All very high quality.

Here the taxi:


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A small shop with a mystical appearance. A round building that somewhat reminiscent of Stonehenge, but put up more technically. You suspect the aeons that have passed, parts are scattered around.
So small the system is, but it has something.

Fantasy avatars are available.
So do not be surprised if you encounter a werewolf :-)

Just outside nearby a half-finished buildings where nearly normal items are offered.

A trip into the past (or future) leads to Sense, the island of legends and myths.

Here the taxi:


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A little nostalgia shop, really put up nice.
The hair studio with an exceptional presence.
Very original the different colors are presented to the items.

The whole place, consisting only of three rooms is decorated really nice.
Sometimes it's very crowded there, this may take time to rezz - unfortunately.

Hairstyles aside from the mainstream can be found here.

Do not miss Lamb.

Here the taxi:


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