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There are loads of lovingly crafted and detailed shops where browsing and shopping is great fun.
It concerns me is not the notice of any labels, but only the presentation of well-designed and interresting shops.
If one you know something else to see, you are invited to imagine here.

I start with the shop "Motorcycle"

In the style of a small workshop / garage here find the dedicated biker everything you need for this hobby. Bikes, helmets, outfits, etc. The adjacent garage alone is worth a visit. Made very detailed and coherent.
Even some really high-quality freebies are available.
Motorcycle is on the Sim Edo Japan which is also styled consistently.

Be patient, my english is worst - but I'm blond :-)

Here the taxi:


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

My next recommendation: Astin Miles with Urban Spirit.

Some will know the provider of the legendary free textures.
I guess thousands of buildings in SL wearing these textures.
Hiis prefab shop is now in a skybox. Everywhere the Urban Spirit is felt, everything styled very effective. Astin is a master of trash designs.
Thanks Astin's building mania, the shop will change occasionally, but he remains true to his style. Until recently, a gallery was there, but that seems to be just rebuilt.
So do not be surprised if my description once should no longer be current.
You will land in a typical Astin dark backyard.
To find the right way in the dark, pass the guard dog , you will end up either in the room with the many high-quality freebies or in the mainshop with his Urban Trashy Style offers.
Everything is perfectly staged, even the semi-inflated sex doll on the sofa

Here the taxi:



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Impressive for its clean lines is Coco.

Cubic forms, all very bright, whites. Very spacious and decorated very sparingly.
The whole ambience is cool and elegant.

The range is extensive, both for women and men, and absolutely top quality.
Upstairs there is also an outlet store.

A visit to Coco's worth for sure.

Here the taxi:




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Yumyum - a really successful boutique.
If you like to browse, you feel almost like in RL - greetings from the great european shopping streets like Goethestraße  :-)

Yumyum and has a lot to offer, clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, etc. In every small corner all items presented with love.
You will land right in the shop, something probably needs to wait until all is rezzed, but then the shopping experience can begin.  A little nooks and crannies on the ground floor, but a wide range, set in super scene, upstairs shoes, eyeglasses and even furniture. Even a small roof garden is there.
The designer is very versatile, sympathetic to me personally as I am also not fixed.

The few (3) neighboring shops of Yumyum are absolutely worth seeing. It seems there is no prim limit, everything is very detailed styled.

Here the taxi:


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Frost is a nursery, plants, grasses and trees are offered.

You will land in a beautiful secluded spartan refuge.

Now you have 2 options: 1. use the TP straight to the mainshop or 2. use the boardwalk through a beautiful winter landscape, downhill until you reach another hut in the valley in which a portion of the offer is presented. You will find here a TP to the mainshop.

By TP you go into a large tree, inside with the actual mainshop.
Through 2 tunnels course you will be possible to leave the stump and then stands in the middle of a thriving landscape - the live demonstration of the proposed plants.

From the winter landscape to the lush gardens all very effectively staged.

Here the Taxi:


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I like your choices so far. I would also recommend G. Sloane Couture at Cedarwood. What I appreciate about the layout of it is that it reminds me of a RL high-end department store like Macy's or Bloomingdales. The building is brick, the coloring of the walls red/maroon, marble floors. Very classy and simple, very reflective of the owner/clothing designer. If you want I'll try to give you some pictues.

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June Dion with her Shop Bare Rose.
An example for huge size despite a touch of Nippon flair.

Bare Rose is one of the great shops in SL.
A lot of freelancers create stuff for June Dion.
The constant innovations will be presented directly at the landing point and replaced quickly by other innovations. Then they come to a huge wall that you can only look on in flight, you will probably need hours to inspect everything.
I guess more than 1000 items.
If this is too much you can browse on their own Bare Rose Website:
Bare Rose is hardly represented in the Marketplace, actually only with 14 items.
That speaks for inworld shopping.
It's always crowded there, the traffic is about 30.000, genuine, no bots.
The offer is huge, from casual to fantasy for women and men.
Nevertheless, since years June offers a very good quality at reasonable price in their Nippon atmosphere.

Here the taxi:


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Theater, theater ...
.... un Jour Main Shop.

Very unusual appearance.

You will land on top of the greenhouse / glasshouse, surrounded by desert water.
The entrance to the huge glass house is hard to find, only with flying you can pass it on the left side.
Inside you are standing in a flowering meadow floated easily from the water.
There's a carousel, lodges and stages. The whole thing is very theatrically styled.

In the cabin, rear left, is the actual main shop with beautifully-made theatrical costumes and paraphernalia. All very colorful designs, detailed and loving. Please also visit the first cabin floor, although it is narrow.

On the stage near the entrance you can drape yourselves in several poses as Ophelia :-)
Really a spectacular way to present a shop.

Here the taxi:


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A super modern shop. Absolutely cool spacious design.
Everything is high quality and very elegant.
Bringing you the latest trends in footwear, hair and fashion. Beautifully sculpted designs, created by professional 3D artists, what you feel in the store design too.
I have just photographed the shoe department,  the remaining parts of the shop are related.

Here the taxi:


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Elvis lives ....
... artillery - the retro and rockabilly fashion store.

In the style of the 50th or early 60th.
Time of renal tables and bag floor lamps.

The colors harmonious, the ambience Retro - you believe to be able to smell the plastic and hear the musicbox.
Even if I miss something here more detailed designs, as in many American stores, you still get the petticoat feeling. Even scarce resources can provide flair.

The offer is just for retro-lovers or Elvis fans - for women and men.

Let's Rock!

Here the taxi:


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Virtual Decay

Some will know the famous shop Cloud 9, it was now relaunched as Virtual Decay.
Here you will find prefabs and textures for Urban Design. Top quality absolute.

You will land on a bridge, right the way is blocked by a police car. Behind there begins a new Role Play Area.

On the left it goes to the main shop, which is housed in an old bunker.

The various areas of the bunker includes the supply of Virtual Decay.
Through a door to get outside, where a Rezz Area is placed.
Here you can rez a lot of the offered prefabs as test.
By TP can also be reached a shooting range where you can let off steam.

Expect everything as perfect and effective rich staged.

Here the taxi:



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Here you can get your feet wet:
Fall into Decay

An unusual shop that I will not hide from you.

A wild colorful garden, a bright light-filled building.
Very reduced decorated.

You splashed through the shallow water and inspect the few selected items.

The nicely arranged furnishing support to the ambience. Even small things like the overturned trash can with the floating ballerinas complete the picture.
The furniture has different seat animations, both for boys and girls, so feel free to try out".

Very brave and headstrong the whole thing - but it has something :-)

Certainly, the proposed "Fummels" (piece of clothing) are not everybodys taste, but that is precisely what makes SL so interresting, which some find the courage to design their store and items outside the mainstream, but very effective.

Here the taxi:

fall into decay-1.jpg

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Urban Combat Gear and Accessories

The shop for "real men", the battle-hardened Role Player will find
everything he needs.
Super-made outfits and accessories. Very detailed and high quality.
It takes a lot of time to sift through the offer.

The ambience in the style of an old industrial facility is appropriate.
All martial law, but absolutely worth seeing - even for women :-)

Here the taxi:


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Shadow Moon

Here it is colorful, flashy, loud announcement inspired by Tim Burton, Batman comic books and Halloween.
And that's true :-)

After landing, you have to overcome a huge staircase which is at the end even closer.
Then you stand in the actual shop.

Here, too colorful and flashy design, but all a bit obliquely skillfully.

Further stairs lead to shaky roofs to the upper floor.
Items offered are quite high for Neko, Emo, Punk and Cyborg.
Clothes and accessories.

Just the right shop for people who are not afraid to their eyes :-)

Here the taxi:


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In keeping with the present day, the royal wedding, we visit a British Shop:


I hope the day does not end for the couple as the drunken squirrels right here at the entrance.
Or, as the beggar, which brings to mind the saying:
He started as a king and ended like a beggar :-)

Inside, too, near the entrance all sorts of animals running around.
Or a fortune teller at the counter, or the dwarfs in the corner.
The shop is divided into various rooms and also has an upper floor, all angled slightly.

The whole ambience of the shop and the outdoor area is made very great.
It is worth not only the shop but also to explore the grounds.

For example, you will find here a huge cat breeding (English cats - * gg *)

Buy British - go to Patchwork!

Here the taxi:


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It is dark in


Here's almost everything for Cyber Gothic, Cyber Punk, Goth and Steampunk.

The huge store is decorated entirely in black, cold neon light glares all offered items with their colorful, sometimes shrill accents in scene.

A bit technical, much like a huge warehouse or assembly hall.
But clearly articulated, despite the size it's very clear.

Yo will need some time to inspect everything.

Here the taxi:


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Today a very small shop:


You will land in the middle of the dome, all decorated very sparingly.
The underworld greets.
An example of there is not much need to convey atmosphere.

Manga lovers will find here the right thing.
High quality manga outfits and some gadgets are offered.
Relatively high price - so be careful :-)

The lovingly detailed and made items are also for "non-manga fans" worth seeing.

Here the taxi:


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Today again a very extravagant shop:


A Buddha with guard controls the entrance.
Large, all styled in a subtle gray, the colors are muted.
All items, that are otherwise very high quality and independent, are presented by topic in different rooms. Decorative fashion posters dominate any room and provide the offered clothes in perspective.
Upstairs a small range for men.
Despite the relative size you have the feeling to browse in a boutique.
It is not really anything cheap here.
Have fun shopping in Leezu! :-)

Here the taxi:


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True to style, you land on a pier, the entrance to Gawk! is nearby in a brick building.

The entrance area is already made very detailed.
Afterwards we light up a small staircase in the large storage room.
Newly renovated - Loft Design. Light coloured, economical, skilful.
Small details such as the functioning pointer to the small diameters of the pressure tubes are impressive.
Crates and trolleys supporting the warehouse feeling.

Without agoraphobia you walk through the racks and check the exhibited items.

PS: Photographing ban shield - I got the permission from Mell McMahon :-)

Here the taxi:


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Exceptionally my own shop - I hope you will not see this as advertising, but I think it fits absolutely in this row of shop presentations

K2K Headquarter

After landing you have to pass a transparent wall "Second Life - contacting a new region"
Now you will be in a small european town, designed in urban european style.
A bit lovely, a bit trashy. A small garden down at the seafront or the pool with diving platform at the roof are ideal places to relax.
Across the street - watch the biker - is the mainshop. Behind the lovely fassades it is very large. All very detailed.
A wide range of items for women in high quality is offered.
But also funstuff, textures and prefabs in seperate buildings.

Absolutely worth to dare a peek.

Here the taxi:

new k2k-2.jpg

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Inside an island, or a giant ants nest, whatever it should be.
You even see it only if you zoom out with the camera. Impressive!

But you end up so completely unharmed inside, can only imagine on some rootswhere you are.

The shop is clearly structured, each category has its own space.
There are clothes, skins, tattoos and accessories. All nicely done, presents very atmospheric. The quality is great.

A trip to the underworld I can only recommend.

Here the taxi:

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