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Evve Rexen

*Hiring Sales Gallery Management & Prayer Group Archlead Assistant ETC.*( Updated)*

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:DWe welcome all and thanks for reading our post.:D

Bic! is seeking reliable,flexible and experienced with an upbeat passion to help others to to Produce RESULTS AKA FOLLOW THROUGH TO SUCCEED.

We have been around 10 years to date this year and 21 year as of this January. So we have a great understanding of what we do. 

Read our Job page and apply via the job app link.Visit our landing point on sim ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BlazingIris Consulting/138/17/24

Please use the Teleport pad to get around. Contact me if you need help.Please read the App carefully so you know what your applying for and that it fits your experience. We only accept completed applications. Competitive compensation with experience available.

-Certain specs we Desire in the right fit!- All applicants must have  very good methodical and communication skills on all levels.-( Willing to grow and stay with us long term!)

  • Arch lead Asst. is a prayer group asst. to the  active Archlead(grp leader(s)) and coordinator. Possibly help as a minister in weddings  and various other tasks. You must respect all faiths and be in solidarity with them. 
  • Gallery Sales Management is  obvious! We hope to find fresh talent  and energetic souls willing to help others  and manage. Must  be very loyal and reliable.1-2 Full time  assistant Managers to help. We require expect in some form  of management and sales for this role .  Must have managed former staff somewhere ! Produced  some sort of successful sales . We seek someone who is patient, with good social ,writing and PR skills.  .Also must have helped hire in sales directly working with an owner ,head manager or an HR department head. 

DO NOT RESPOND here! I will only take responses in world thank you!  MUST NOT WORK FOR OTHER  MEDIA  AGENCY   OR STUDIO or anything similar on what  we do with our firm! We wont deal with conflict of interest. Have a nice day!




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fixed typos,added website and slurl land links. Also edited coloring.

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