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Looking For Potential Co-Parent or Partner

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        After trying a few times to find an rp dad for my children at dating agencies I've decided to try here in forums. Most dating places only offer people looking to be with only one person not joining a family and having kids and pets and etc. Every guy so far has been only about me and me only wanting me wanting my attention but not the kids. Even when I tell them not connecting with my kids will get you dropped quick.


A little about my family

  1. I myself am an Elf 
  2. 2 sons & 3 daughters all adopted (one son is a furry others are human)
  3. 1 daughter & 2 sons (forever kids but not included in parenting)
  4. Pet: Wolf named Zaja
  5. All diverse in sexual orientation
  6. All diverse in age (Toddler to Adult)
  7. Majority of the children roleplay (Varies in skill)

We live together on a 1/4 sim on private land. The children all have their own rooms so they know how it is to have space and they know how to give each other their own personal space as well. There are various common areas at the house for the family to relax in. As well a lake side retreat and study on land for the kids to also take refuge. We have a family group for the land so that we may control and maintain who can come in and out, if accepted you will be required to join landgroup.

Requirements for Co-Parent 
(Must be Male can be married or dating as long as partner accepts the children)

  1. Has a home
  2. Doesnt ask the kids for L or gifts
  3. Has a child safe home
  4. No incest
  5. No *****
  6. spends time with the children
  7. Likes furries
  8. comes to visit the children at home
  9. participates in family days
  10. doesnt try to force the kids to do things

Requirements for Partner
(Must be Male - Single - Active)

  1. All Qualities of a co-parent
  2. Isnt a freeloader
  3. contributes to family (Ideas, Time, etc)
  4. Not lazy
  5.  Not clingy

(Other requirements can be discussed in private)

Picture of our home attached, still decorating


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