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Aude Adored

Terrible UVs problem, not following in sl when I import the mesh

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Hi everyone,


I've got a pretty annoying problem and i do not find any answer anywhere for it. So i'm asking you. I would like to know if someone have experienced the same thing and if you found a solution:


I'm building a new mesh. this is my .dea file in marmoset viewer; https://gyazo.com/48add8f96710720c36d421ff0864e41d

got 3 material, named: 1 for wall, 2 for windows frame, 3 for glasses.

This is how it looks in the preview windows of the latest firestorm release:  https://gyazo.com/f2df89bcc4ca996f06f4fcbf494b6d9b

So everything seem to be ok for the import (it's the same with or without LODs

This is how it looks when I import it:  https://gyazo.com/a973b655c4732ffaec14118dd3d3f3c7

UV's are completely broken.



What i've already tried to fix this:

  • export in fbx, obj or the entire scene in a new scene (thinking it coud be the scene that is corrupted) :  did not work.
  • Tried to link (attach or collapse) and unlink each part and get those imported separatly : did not work
  • Try to rename material, change ID number, having only one material : did not work
  • Tried to upload with and without LODs
  • Tried to import with and without texture
  • Tried in MAX and BLENDER both are not working to change the scene, fbx or obj in .dae that work once it's upload.


I do not have any other ideas. I've also tried to see if it was some of the presets in firestorm i could have for texture, but the scale|ratio is 1 as it should be.

PRETTY PLEASE help me, this thing is driving me nuts.



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I have never heard of marmoset  so had to look it up. It could simply be that the uploader doesn't recognize things made in that viewer. If that is the case, then yes checking in the SL viewer would be the next thing needed.  I have been on other platforms where not all 3D items could be uploaded even if there was a dae file. Can't tell you the techie bits behind that.

So I guess a good question would be, "have you ever successfully uploaded a file to SL made with that program?"


If the answer is yes, then can we see a shot of your UV mapping and maybe the texture that you apply inworld?  What particularly puzzles me is the one area where they texture is wavy. 

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