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Town of Nightingale RP wants you!

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The Town of Nightingale is a small role-play town that is set in North Carolina, We have two Police departments, two Fire departments, and a hospital ready to all be filled with staff. We also allow the use of vehicles in the town (5 whole sims big) and offer a wide variety of Housing for renter. From apartments to full fledged houses. The Town is kid-friendly for RPing, we even have a preschool daycare center.

If you would like to rent here you can contact one of the following people:

  1. - Alei Bookmite Nightingale = alexus.christen Resident (Owner)
  2. - Jay Biafra = julian.quinzet Resident (General Manager)
  3. Tuggy Nightingale = xtugboatx Resident (Manager)

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