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How to add Demo sign & Bento skeletons to SL Creations

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Hi i am new to SL creation and i was wondering if someone could tell me how to add Demo Sign to my creations. Also it would be nice if someone could refer me to a tutorial about how to add bento skeleton to the Avatar i create in Blender. Thank you and hoping to hear from someone soon.



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A demo sign is usually something obtrusive (make it big) you create, be it mesh or prims, which will be linked to each object. The important part is that you hand out your final demo object with NO MODIFY permission, to avoid the removal of these pieces. (Test with an alternative account of yours to make sure it's all working as intended.)

I have to pass on the Bento rigging tutorial though. I'm not aware of any step by step tutorials as yet. I did a quick google search, but I did not find something comprehensive which would work as a complete tutorial.

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