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Fox Paragorn

Seeking slave human to make it something else

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Hello, some may know me others may not. for those that do not, i am still have several positions to fill.

And i am looking for a slave that wants to be permanently changed, the idea is it will be changed into some sort of machine but even so not a drone.

of course its not the idea that you just say "yes" and its permanent, but the idea is to be permanent if you enjoyed it. and also not to just test it knowing you will not stick to it.

the most important is not to know how to do it but to be willing to do it and want it. I have some already made and the idea is to include them on it even so i do not have many so, you can expect no more than 2 others + me, but this is not a position for those that want to be the center of attention all the time. nor to those that never react and just say "yes/no" to everything.

the idea is to rp it all (but only sl rl is out of the question, for rl reasons).

I know this is not much but anyone willing to even check whats this about contact me in world i am not replayin this post. thank you very much. (you can copy paste my name into sl and find me, and leave me an im or notecard if i am not online).

PD: Ideally the time for this will be from 1 pm slt to 4 pm slt (5 in winter time for some places that does not change with sl time). even so its even possible from 6 am to 4 pm.

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