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Hi there - I'm currently experimenting with creating textures and would like to try creating a cellulite effect for my heavy avi. I'm guessing that the best way would be by creating a normal map to simulate the effect? Can anyone offer some advice on photoshop/gimp brushes or effects which would give a decent cellulite effect? Thanks in advance!


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Usually Photoshop is used to remove cellulite from images. ^_^ To get the most realistic effect I guess sculpting the skin on a highpoly model would be the best, but also the most tedious approach.

Doing it in PS only I would experiment with something like this:

Create new layer.
Set colors to default b/w.
Filter > Render > Clouds
Filter > Stylize > Emboss (Angle 90, Height 4, Amount 130)
Filter > Blur > Gausian Blur (Radius 1.0)
Duplicate the layer and convert it to a normal map. (XNormal/Nvidia plugins, or what ever you like)
The gray layer placed on top of the skin diffuse map with blend mode Overlay.

Here is a quick and dirty render of the result without a normal map. xD

And one with the normal map applied as well. xD


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