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A troublesome Second Life may not be entirely the Linden’s fault…

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It’s been an utterly new Second Life for me the last three days… and I gave it three days to make sure I wasn’t just lucky once or twice.  Our home was graced with a new computer this weekend and I didn’t expect to be wowed in any significant way, but I was soooo wrong.

The sky is beautiful, things appear practically in an instant, TPing back and forth between two places I’ve already been really is ‘instant’, all the little billboards on the tall walls at Bare Rose pop up so quickly it might as well be instantly.  This really shouldn’t be surprising, since our old computer was seriously from 2002 or 3, but I wanted to share my ‘new’ experience to give hope to anyone out there who suffers through agonizing minutes waiting for shops to be shoppable, clubs to be clubbable, and homes to be livable because of ‘Lag’.

I’m sure ‘Lag’ is real, but mine has been nearly eliminated and I’m pretty sure there’s been no change in our internet situation over the weekend.  I’m truly exploring a whole new world, and while I couldn’t argue that folks should get a new computer just for SL, I can tell you that your Second Life can all sorts of improve if you do.

Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you exactly what makes this one special… my husband peels every possible sticker off everything he gets in seconds, but it says HP Pavilion Elite HPE on the front.

Just had to share that there’s hope, and that maybe it really isn’t all that bad on Linden’s end after all… now shame on them for making anyone need a new computer to enjoy their SL, but that’s another story.

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I feel ya on this one.

I recently upgraded my PC. with nvidia nforce 750 g55 gaming motherboard with a AMD Phenom !! quad core 3.4 ghz

Running 2 nvidia 9800 GT video cards on SLI

and 12 gigs of ddr3


It is like night and day from my old 8 year old hardware lol


Getting 30 FPS in a crowd of 50 users is awesome.

Used to get 1 FPS and have to sit still lol

But that still does not cancel out server lag.. But it is a whole new world when you have the computing power to handle the rendering of thousands of images


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I went through this recently as well..isn't it brilliant! Like a whole new world. I ran around my garden...just simply looking and gawping, as I never could appreciate it before. I leapt all over the place for a week, and still do, just for the sheer joy of seeing my little body flinging itself about like a spring lamb at 30 fps rather than 3. I run backwards and forwards over sim crossings just for the hell of it.

My second stop was Chakryn Forest, because I wanted to see it on not-low settings, and with a decent draw distance. So I went to ultra, ticked all the ticky boxes to say yes I want this, clicked "apply" and was floored by what I'd been missing.

Then I logged on all my alts at once for a group photo opp. What a gruesome bunch (shudders at what a mistake that was)

Hopefully, I won't stop appreciating this.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3816 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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