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Zooby / VKC pets

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Hi, I have a question regarding AI pets.

I have a VKC cat and a VKC dog. They don't seem to interact, and I am not sure they are meant to. Does anyone know if they should?

Also, I currently have an ultimate Siamese from Zooby (I've preferred it over the Curious because I don't feel like having a cat that does nothing unless I feed it lots of L). I was considering getting a zooby dog but I can't seem to find any Ultimates for sale (for the same reason I haven't upgraded to a curious cat yet) - I'm sure they dropped them to push the Curious line. I'd happily buy one from someone that has an Ultimate, if it is possible to transfer.

Anyway, I know the Zooby babies and dogs are supposed to be able to interact, but do the dogs interact with each other? do the cats? Do cats and dogs interact with each other? I would love it if they did, but I can't seem to find any information anywhere about it. 

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28 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

zooby has a pretty big userbase, i think you get faster support in the group or when asking the creator

Obviously. Since there is such a large base, I figured it was just as easy to ask here, since I cannot log into SL for a bit. But, you know... thanks anyway. 

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