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Adele Bumblefoot

Problem with Maya 2016 and Bento - BVH exporter 1.6

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Hello everyone!

I use Maya 2016 and tried both the bento skeletons found here and here. Though the animation plays, it forces the arm to move to the position of the shoulder. Earlier when I made an animation that moved the fingers, when i uploaded it it forced the fingers to move to the position of the wrist. It seems that my animations force the rotating joint to move to its previous joint in hierarchy!

I have Maya working in meters, I have the up axis as Y, as suggested in the BVH exporter text instructions. What am I doing wrong?

Any help appreciated!

P.S: I uploaded the animation on megafile if that helps: http://www.megafileupload.com/1qj1o/test1.bvh

EDIT : I tried with the SL skeleton before the bento bones and everything worked right. What is going on ? :(

EDIT #2 : The Exporter found here http://circle.twu.net/progs/       in version 1.5 worked for me. I had been using 1.6 and it kept giving me that error

I updated the title of the thread as well in case someone else needs to find that.


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Fixed my problem for now

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You might want to look up for MyAniMATE on the markeetplace. It's the only plug in to export animation from Maya to SL using .anim, the internal animation format.

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