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New City RP - City of Calo RP

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Dear, Second Life roleplayers

I am happy to see that there is a widespread community of individuals who love to prison roleplay here in Second Life. Nonetheless, I am advertising for you a new RP which that can be appropriately expressed. I'd like to properly introduce you to a new and formerly created roleplay called City of Calo. We've added in a fire department, a police station, a local hospital, a morgue, a dance club with our unforgotten motto "Class before Ass!" gas station and a lot more etc i.e. However, we COC RP'ers require your assistance and your help to get this sim up and running so that it can be a very realistic RP sim that everyone including yourself will be able to enjoy.  

In addition what we're adding to the COC RP

- Maximum Security wing 

- An Appeals Court 

- Independent Crime Lab 

- Death Row/ Following executions with the following: Lethal Injection,Gas Chamber, Firing Range, Lynching(hanging), and Electric chair will be included into the Death Row.

We're also blessed to have had gotten a hold of the RLV MSM PSRC cuffs system and we await patiently on the exercise chains to be added to go with all of this. A warden has been hired and we also note that a NON-RLV area has been included. For those people who wish not to use RLV and choose to play it regular. Please keep in mind that inmates showing up before the court must be taken into custody  of the CPD.

CityofCalo, Hidesmore (165, 12, 22) - Moderate   Please feel joyous to stop by and leave the COC RP  a notecard in the file tray inside the pd on entryway.

Please contact our advisers if you have any questions. Thank, you! 

Chris Azikam(azrikam) - 

ღBrittney Destinyღ (babywolfpup)


Annella Azrikam (annellamarie)


Violet (clockworkbat)

Don't forget to join the group if you incline to be apart of association. 



Sincerely, Eirwen Ives(sashairinasvetlana) 

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