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ROLEPLAY freebies

Jo Yardley

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I thought it might be an interesting idea if we start a topic about the Roleplay related freebies you can find in SL.
SO if you know a Roleplay sim with excellent freebies, mention them here.


In 1920s Berlin we offer;

-1920s etiquette book ;) (click it for real 1920s etiquette advice)

-Sim newspaper with latest news

-SL 1920s fashion magazine

-Retropolitan magazine

-Short prim hair for men

-Crazy Charleston dance animation

-Drab suit for men, basic grey working class 2 piece suit with shirt, cap and shoes

-Berlin sim T-shirt

-1920s Car!

-German flags you can put on your house or wave about.

-Light blue cardigan and skirt suit by Garconne

-Blue common 1920s dress with sculpted parts by Old Time Prims

-Pink common 1920s dress with sculpted parts by Old Time Prims

-Rolling pin with "Angry wave it about" animation by Old Time Prims (scare your husband)

-Black sculpted wearable umbrella

-Caledon library Scripts



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http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quartz%20Falls/145/4/30     This is the lm of my land called GWAIHIR
Above the video of the land itself, i am very proud of sharing it with you cause i wanted to show the sim is desert styled/ancient sim with a bit of fantasy where rpg is possible and everyone s very welcome. Gwaihir is basically a huge market but we especially welcome and teach to all new people how to roleplay and for helping em we placed a great amount of freebies and items which may help all the ones who intend joinin a particular kind of rpg.WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? GIULIANO AND ANDROMEDA DO AWAIT YOU IN GWAIHIR TO GRAB YOUR FIRST FREE PACK TO GET READY TO ROLE
GWAIHIR MARKET all the best for your rpg.Into our stores you will find all that an  avatar needs to improve the combat or the appearance of each character.GWAIHIR MARKET aims to become a market specialized in weapons for any meter, land for events related to combat, as well as residential land,    land RPG (by the GM in this land or the many masters of arena). The magnificent buildings are available for events and weddings with a staff at your disposal.  Our homes provide a unique atmostphere for role play and a strong sense of community.  Here you will live in an Ancient World and experience all that GWAIHIR has to offer . Here 'you can live in an ancient world in constant evolution! We welcome all builders of weapons to which they make discounts on 'rent a whole store, and we have plenty of freebies and Midnight Mania.What are you waiting? Come and visit us!  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quartz%20Falls/145/4/30 




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Jo your place has some really nice freebies everyone should stop by and get.

I found a place that has elven freebies for 0 to 5 Linden $. I've just been waiting for an excuse toshare it.

A whole shop just with Elven or Medieval things in it. It's really worth checking out. Even if you don't want to be an Elf in Second Life, a lot of it would work for other fantasy based avatars such as a Fae or many types of Medieval costume roleplay too.

The shop is called El'van Magika. I found it while flying around looking for a different shop. I took a few pix to share.


This pillar has nothing but free stuff below the FREE sign. The top two pix include shape, skin, hair, Elf ears in each one.

Free Elf Stuff 2 sm.png

At the bottom is a whole fat pack of boots for free and a tintable top. In the middle is some elven jewelry. You can't see it too well here, but one pic has jewels arranged in a design on the avatar's forehead.  Everything else in the first photo is from 1 to 5 Linden $ each.

Here is a closeup of things from the first photo. The outfits are only 1 Linden $ each, and come in many color choices. The white hair at the bottom of the pic is FREE.

Free Elf Stuff 3 sm.png

There's so much crammed into this one shop. Here, the skirts are 5 Linden $ and this hair style is 3 Linden $ each. It all comes in more colors. There are other hair styles too.

Free Elf Stuff 4 sm.png

Like these. Aren't these pretty? They come with a flower headband and in many colors, only 5 Linden $ each.

Free Elf Stuff 5 sm.png

There is also more Free stuff. A free rainbow hair, a free tattoo and maybe more. But even at 1 to 5 Linden $ to me that is free. You really can't get any cheaper than that!  A photo for their boards cost them 10 Linden $. So if you can, leave a tip.

I hope this helps somebody. Have fun shopping on a budget.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3801 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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