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The Suave Friendly Alien

Sticky Bloch

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Good evening.

The new name is Grenton, but I suppose you can call me Sticky Bloch given that's my sign up name.

I have recently started replaying SL after a long break from this social 3D world. A lot of my old connections have vanished, though I wasn't that close to any of them. These days, I'm back up and looking for peeps to chill with.


Brief History

Signed up in early 08 and played on and off since then. Originally, I wanted to play a stickman (as I had a love for stick figure animations) but not many of those were viable at the time -- except one that looked like the AIM icon. Eventually, I changed that over to being an alien in a very short time. It started off me just really morphing my avatar to have green skin, be short and large eyes. Eventually, found a Roswell Alien avatar which I took to using for the longest of time, it was a lot better and had eyes that were fitting enough. I took to using a suit to really set in the idea of being an a charming, unique individual.

A few years ago, I found this new avatar using mesh that REALLY set in the feeling of a grey (purplish alien) and has sense then kept it, along with getting a mesh suit. I love the avatar and design but sometimes get tired of the constant smile. But then, a lot of people seem to love my happy mug.

Returning, though, I get bored and island hop. I tend to track down newer accounts as I know how this game can be when you're new: overwhelming, it's kinda cliquey, and a lot of people don't have time if you don't have the moolah. So, in short: it's a fantasy version of real life -- it's a second life. So, I try to be that guy who approaches the new guys and girls and ask them how's it going, how are they finding the game (or 3D social network) and try to use my endless charisma to make them a pal. I tend to have better luck with female avatars, for some reason. Though I did buddy up with this one dude who played Goku. So, what was cool.

Still, it gets lonely. Newbies don't stay and some find their own deals. I had great success with one girl, but she's having issues receiving my messages and TP requests. I know this because I sometimes bump into her in one sim and she's like "I didn't get your message!" and we hang. We can talk if she PMs me, but if I PM first, she'll never get it. I dunno what the cause of this is. I also seem to get removed from her friendslist automatically but she's on mine.


Gonna try notecards.


My Avatar

I touched on my alien, but I wanna talk a little bit more about it since it's a bit of a topic. While, yes, it started off with me not finding a great stickman avatar, I jumped to an alien -- I really chose it mostly out of a desire to be unique (plus, Greys are neat-o). After time, almost a whole ten years of being an alien, I grown to make it my identity. I am the alien in a suit. That's what makes me in SL. I like to believe that everyone's avatar says something about them and they all might not say the same thing despite being similar.

Mine says I'm an individual, i stick out like a sore thumb no matter how many what community you throw me in (the alien one seems to be a very limited supply.) Early on in my SLife, I was a bit more of a topic of conversation, many people would stop me and go, "Eek, an alien" or "Hah, awesome avi dude." But that died down as the years went on. Though, one person did hit me up lately. I kinda miss the attention.


What I Do

I'm mostly a drifter. I like to meet interesting, intelligent and/or nice people and talk with them. If I start joking with you, we're really off to a pretty swell start. Hanging out with my friends and taking photos to throw up on our feeds is one of the funnest things to do for me (pretty opposite of my real life, but y'know.) SOMETIMES, I do roleplay, but it's pretty rare. I admit, the times I do roleplay tend to be a little bit more... intimate... than not (apparently I'm capable of making others look past the fact I'm an alien: again, endless charisma) but I'm not entirely opposed to doing an alien invader type of roleplay, I suppose.

I never been in a family, owned a business or even my own property. The latter is mostly due to not having friends that stay very long or talk to me often: I feel like there's no point in investing if I don't have something to invest into. If I did, I'd probably fork over a little bit of money. Businesses? I just never really bothered to learn. I have been considering animation as I DO have experience with 3D/2D animation, but I'd really want to have IK rigging software before I tried that. Apparently animation is still a viable field to get into. And families and RP groups, I just never touched on. I wouldn't know what to do with it.

I have held a very short hosting job but the club went under due to managerial issues.


So, Yeah... The Point?

I dunno what to really expect out of this post, I basically summarized my SL story in 3-4 sections. I suppose I'm just gonna say, "Hey, if you see me out there in the world, feel free to give me a holler." Or I guess you can send a message. I dunno. I'm relatively new to the forums, but apparently I made a post back in '12. I don't remember doing that.


Here's my dude, dudes


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