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Annoyances on the Marketplace

Prokofy Neva

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Whenever I read the liner notes to the latest software update, I marvel at how many tiny details that I never notice or care about are fixed, or how many very arcane matters are fixed that the average person doesn't need.

Yet obvious persistent annoyances never get attention.

Examples of annoyances on the Marketplace:

- No way to turn off "out of stock" notifications. While there are other notifications you can turn off, you can't turn off that one (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/account/email_settings)

Why? Obviously, a gacha item is single copy and will be out of stock when sold. You already knew that. You don't need to be told that in email. You can see it on the Marketplace listings in the browser inworld. Perhaps there are some power users with multiple copies of a single gatcha that they feed in as it sells and they "need" this but I have to wonder if that's true. Another possible use case with only a small number of users would be someone creating special items that sell only in single copies that they might keep replenishing. Can't imagine why this would be done, but perhaps. The overwhelming majority of us do not need this.

- When you delete an item on your Marketplace listings because it is out of stock, it gives you another annoyance message telling you "no such item" -- as if you searched for it and now can't find it because it isn't there. Well, duh, you knew that because *you're the one who just deleted it*. Hello! This is truly an unnecessary "too much information" spam message that needs to go. There is no earthly use for it. It's an arcane system thing that needs to be hidden.

- I've used the new Marketplace as long as it has existed. Yet nearly every time when I go there, I have to stop and think, or use trial and error to find *the list of sold items*. What would be so hard about labelling and option SOLD? It's not My Account, where you would think you would see sales and revenue. That's the list of what YOU bought. It's not "my store" which shows the things in your store. It's "Merchant Home" and "Transaction History" not "My Account" and "Order History". What's confusing about this is that "Transaction History" on your "My Accounts" general SL page has your purchases and sales both, so thinking it will have purchases, you go to "order history" which is what OTHER people would have ordered from your store. Instead, that's what YOU ordered. I swear this confuses me every time, it's a disconnect. Would it be so hard to say "Sales" and "Purchases" since they aren't together as on the general page. I'm sure other people experience this, and if you aren't then you're not going to understand it, but don't assume you're in the majority. There is no reason why "Sales" and "Purchases" couldn't be the labels -- they are more clear -- instead of "transaction history" and "order history".

- When an item is flagged, you are given an alert THAT it was flagged, but you don't know why. The notice you get does not tell you why, and it should. You have to "just figure it out" from seeing what "didn't work," and that's often a mystery. 

All of these irritants are easy to fix.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2434 days.

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