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Prime community:

                A little slice of Washington, here we will provide housing, Rp and other commodities. We are a community for the people as help each other with their living. We provide Jobs as well, we also provide returns for things, insurance if you will, but we can’t do it on our own, we need your help to make our dream a reality.


We are looking for people that are well organized, able to take leads and help each other out, We want people who are goal getters and dependable, people who are good at maintaining and managing positions in a role-play environment. However, we also want people that will have fun.

Jobs that need filled:


This job is one of the more important ones, you will be in charge in helping us write posts, either writing them yourself, or helping us edit posts.

Editors will need to be organized, have people skill and be good at writing/Editing


Fire chief: this is the job that will help protect the community from fires, you will be in charge of keeping it running, and since Prime Community is a realistic Role play sim, there will be times where there will be fire. You can hire who you think will fit and help run the station


Fire fighters:

Help to fight fires and take care of the trucks and station, being able to hold seminars at schools and help teach fire safety



People who are able to listen and see what things are going on, people that inform us of needs people need and complaints.


police chief: runs the police station and helps enforce sim rules as well as role play.


Police officer:

They are to keep the piece with the citizens, know the law and how to enforce them. Keep a calm and level head and able to respond to calls when on duty


Real estate agent:

They will help new people find homes, show them around and give them the prices of the homes/apartments. You may need to use a mic at time if requested. Have good people skill and able to sell things



Receptionists will be in charge of the front desk, picking up the phone and making appointments, they are able to greet new people who walk into the office and good with role playing.


Interested in a job contact either LCWlindsey, chains1995, or visit us on prime community.

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