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Personal Assistant Needed

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Everlasting Love Weddings and Latitude Landing are hiring. We are currently seeking a Personal Assistant/Administrative Assistant. This is a weekly paid position with commission and bonuses. Weekend availability is a must. Must be 90 days old to Apply!
• Knowledge of Photoshop or equivalent
• Knowledge of Google Docs
• Great organizational skills
• Able to multi-task
• Self Starter
• Knowledge of Blogging
• Ability to come up with Marketing ideas
• Must have Skype as all communication with owners is done via Skype *ON Voice
There is no set schedule, any tasks assigned you can do on your own when you prefer. However, it is an absolute MUST to have the time to dedicate to be on the sim for weddings and especially during weekends when traffic is higher
• Send a contact follow-up to overnight guests we missed
• Update HUD when we add new things
• Locate clubs, radio stations, etc to help with marketing
• Do Bridal Consultations
• Assist with or take charge of Rehearsals
• Assist with weddings
• Posting on SL Forums
• Posting on Facebook
• Posting on our forums to keep all client files updated
• Assisting with side projects as needed
To fill out an application, please go to
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4wkvqq0emDr8hscx2d8vd9SI3KuN0pRKfsoB5jQ0v2685Dw/viewform OR stop in at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everlasting/135/211/22 and fill out an application in the gray box just inside to the left.

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