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Animated Howl and Roar Gestures?

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Hi, I'm a fairly new user and was interested in purchasing a howl or roar gesture for my kaiju avatar. I am seeking something with a dragonic, lycan, or dinosaur-like aesthetic that can fit/animate a reptile/dragon/animal shaped jaw. I have searched tirelessly on the online marketplace and am surprised by its lack of Godzilla or Jurassic Park-esque gestures. Most of the listings are sounds only and, if animated, use the SL library default anims. 

I have managed to find some sound-clips and animations but learned that, while full perms aren't necessary for sounds, without full perms on animations they cannot be used in custom gestures. I have tried to use several "gesture huds" but have found that (aside from some cumbersome NC scripting) due to a lack of full-perms they cannot be assigned to the huds' contents.

Would anyone have resources as to where I can get some nicely animated roaring or howl gestures? Preferably a gesture/anim that can have its sounds edited, with mouth and lunging movement.

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33 minutes ago, Cinnamon Mistwood said:

You may not get many replies in the Forum Feedback section of the forums. 

In the People Forum try Roleplay or Your Avatar

In the Commerce Forum try Wanted

There are some very knowledgeable and helpful people here.

Thank you very much, can and will do!

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