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FinDoMina Gentlemen's Lounge - Hiring!

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♕ FinDoMina ♕

FinDoMina Gentlemen's Lounge is a rich, highly detailed, relaxing atmosphere that welcomes all patrons and staff. We have a variety of women for your pleasures who specialize in all kinds of kinks. We offer a variety of women who come with a variety of kinks. We only hire the best ladies, and we are looking for the right fits for our erotic environment. Our goal is to help you relax, enjoy yourself, explore your inner desires and kinks, and most importantly, to get you off.

We are always looking for sexy dedicated women to join our staff. Please read some of our general requirements below and stop by for yourself to experience the best of what SL has to offer.

♕ We are hiring! We are in search of talented dancers, escorts, and ladies who specialize in all sorts of kinks and fetishes, including Finom, BDSM, and submission.
Please keep in mind we are a strip club/erotic lounge. We are catering to all. We are not just a meeting place.

♕ What we ask of you:

★ 18+ in SL and RL
★ Female or trans in RL
★ Voice friendly
★ 3 hours a week or 5 {if you choose to be exclusive to us}
★ A desire to work with us

♕ What we offer you:

★ 85% tips for regular staff + 90% tips for exclusive staff
★ Free adboard if you do 12+ hours a week
★ Discounts from amazing SL photographers
★ Weekly events
★ Diamond of the Month {comes with its own amazing perks}
★ Top Tipped of the Week
★ That's not all...there is so much more..

Interested yet? If we haven't peaked your interest just yet, stop by at FinDoMina and see for yourself all that we have to offer you.




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