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Cabria Village Estate, our Second Life and yours if you wish


We have a number of premium private parcels with great neighbors, on one full region,  with very reasonable rental rates. Owned by Myles Capalini, this small estate is all about Community. We have rental spaces, but more important, we have fun together. We proudly cater to the LGBT community in SL, but welcome anyone who is accepting of our lifestyle. For more information, just head on over to the rental office (LM is below) and start exploring. Who knows, you may find a new best friend or a new home.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabria Village/91/104/22

The owner and estate manager are inworld almost every day, so we are here when needed, at least within 24 hours. The region has just 11 separate parcels, and most are filled with long-term, nice people. We have no clubs or high volume retail operations, so you should never experience any pesky Server lag here. We currently have four open parcels:


West central Sim Edge,  this is a very nice L-shaped sunset location on the western edge of the Sim, with open ocean on the west side and a small pond on the East. This parcel is 3488 sqm and 1064 prims.
Weekly tier is $L1035.


This is a nice location on the south edge of the Sim, with open ocean on the South side and a river on the East side of the parcel. This parcel is 2464 sqm and 751 prims.
Weekly Tier is $L700.


Nice smaller parcel on the south central Sim edge, with open ocean on the South side and a river on the West side of the parcel. This parcel is 2240 sqm and  683 prims.
Weekly tier is $L630. 


This is a cozy little parcel almost in the center of the Sim, with 1472 sqm, and 449 prims.. with a river on the south side and small hill on the east.
Weekly tier is $L450.

The photo shows an example of the two Riverside parcels, as they looked with the previous residents.
They are vacant now, but you can see from the photo how nice they can be.

Riverside with homes_002.png

Edited by Myles Capalini
Added region logo

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Update April 22nd, Tier price for all open parcels reduced by 10%! Limited time offer, through May 15th. If you are looking for nice quiet land, this would be a good time to check us out.

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