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I am hoping for a speedy reply on this one, as I have to publicly stream a video in 28 hours' time.

I am on a pretty fast computer and an ISP with an upload speed of 10 Mb/s and a download speed of 160 Mb/s.
I am hosting the file(s) on my own web site.
The stream plays perfectly when streamed to my computer from the web site.
Both the .mov and .mp4 versions of the file fail when streaming, with the same problem.
The mp4 file is 500 Mb in size, and the file lasts about 75 minutes.
The stream is played on a prim screen..
I don't know whether other people will experience the same issue.
I am using the latest version of Firestorm.
All my drivers are up to date.

The problem is that the file will start to play perfectly, with no glitches.  But after a period of roughly five minutes the screen suddenly goes black, and the video starts again from the beginning

Will be very grateful for any suggestions, because I have completely run out of ideas.

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