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Fort Nautilus is a community and residential living location that is designed to give former and past military group members and their families a more immersive experience as well as an opportunity for base housing.  Applicants must be current or past member of a military group.  Families are welcome.  Residents have access to a gym, beach, movie theater, The Liberty Call Saloon, and our Commissary featuring LIFE2 products.  Commercial shops are also available for rent.  Chapel and Courtyard available for events.  For more information or for current property listings, please view our website at http://fortnautilus.moonfruit.com.  To schedule a tour in world, please contact Daniella Harcassle (daniellamariec resident).

*New Resident/Business Owner Special - rent three weeks, get one free at Fort Nautilus.  To take advantage of this offer or to get settled in your new home or business today, please fill out the Fort Nautilus Citizen Application at http://fortnautilus.moonfruit.com/contact/*  We look forward to meeting you!

Fort nautlius Logo 512x256.png

Fort Nautilus Townhouses 512x256.png

Fort Nautilus Shops 512x256.png

Fort Nautilus Chapel512x256.png

Fort Nautilus Courtyard512x256.png

Fort Nautilus Overhead 512x256.png

Fort Nautilius Beach Houses 512x256.png

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