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Lately lag has been horrid, nothing has changed on my PC. 

I use the latest version of Firestorm and I have windows 10 running on windows 8 compatibility settings. 


All my settings in viewer are as low as can go, it's never been this bad. Any advice?

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There is a huge array of equipment between you and the SL servers. The problem may be there. You can use the information here to decide: http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/

Consider whether your computer is slowing down, all Internet related tasks, or just SL. Malware in the computer may slow down Internet related tasks.

Restart the computer, you probably have, and restart your router/gateway. If you are running wireless, try a wire. Any changes within the area a wireless router servers can make a difference. New LED or Fluorescent lights can make a difference. Moved furniture can change a white less connection too. the 5MHz wireless signals are very sensitive things in the line-of-sight path between the computer and router. That is what the COX commercial about 'Panoramic' wi-fi is about. (Buy this new thing that has problems with walls and furniture... that is a feature...)

Neighbors can buy new devices that use the same wi-fi channel. New appliances may use a wi-fi channel.

DSL is usually consistent. Cable not so much. Both can change if the provider has worked on things. Cable will change depending on the time of day and what neighbors are doing.

You'll have to do some testing to figure out what is slowing you down.

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