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In need of work

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I am a new SL player(A few weeks old) and I am in need of work in SL.I desire to work as a dancer at a club.If anyone is in need of a dancer in their club reply to this message.


Work experience:

Volunteering in real life and hard work at schooling(also real life)


Quite feisty, very social, willing to work with others, cheerful, a bit excitable, loving, understanding as I can be, determined, and I love to chat.

Mental Condition: I have Autism yet I go beyond my disability and like to help others.



Me: in my teens


singing(this doesn't have to do with this job it is just a talent I have) and swimming

Lifetime dream:

To be a singer


Harajuku fashion, ice cream,80s stuff


I love online shopping and watching game and movie reviews:3

Real name:

Not telling lol!xD

Started playing:

Early this month on a Sunday

I can't wait to see my replies and am looking forward to them.Hope to get good results!^_^


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