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Starting a new store!

Rumi Shippe
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Well, I would like to start a store in-world! (From now, just poses & shapes)

I don't know yet from where to start. I see most of the stores having some special options in their stores like: 
The HUD when you click on vendor which appear a windows with options of PAY, GIFT, CREDITS... etc / REDERIVERY option / SUBSCRIBER / GROUP INVITER / LM GIVER / GIFT CARD (optional)

If you already have an in-world shop, you can tell me how much I will spend to get all of those options and more things I still don't know? 

I'm thinking also to add script in the pose stand so, by pose the client can buy it. (Price and Animation name appears above)

Any tip or help is very welcome! 

Thank you all for the attention.


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Agreed Pam,

I'd also add something. Unless you have all of these poses made already then your putting the cart before the horse. The shape business doesn't require an in-world presence to be successful. As a new business with a lot of competitors (I am not even going to try and guess) the safer route IMO is to take the business to the MP. The in-world location will not only require capital to get rolling but it will also carry a weekly expense.

Putting up shop doesn't draw business like it used too several years ago. A lot of consumers don't frequent malls and more often then not—a lot of people don't necessarily explore the complex of the store they were intending to go to. I myself have also changed my shopping behaviors quite a bit since 2011.

The pose market has also changed. Even some of the better pose makers I shop at are selling poses for a fraction of what I paid in the past. I am not trying to discourage you from doing what your passionate about but a lot of these things should be taken into consideration for how you plan to roll all of this out.

The forums and archives have a ton of great information (some of which is still relevant). I'd suggest you take some time doing more research.


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Normally I would say skip the store completely. Inworld stores are very nice, but you need to keep in mind your overhead for rent etc. As @Chase01 mentioned, a lot of residents simply don't browse shops Inworld anymore, it is much more common to click through pages on marketplace.... However you are talking about Poses and that "poses complications" lol. For physical goods, MP sellers usually offer a 0-1$L DEMO product to test, whereas you would likely need a Inworld location to try Poses out with their avatars....

That being said, any money you were considering spending on those Inworld promotions would be MUCH BETTER utilized elsewhere. One biggie nowadays is Bloggers, if you can find some fashion bloggers/flickr users to sponsor they will provide some quality promotion, both via their own network of fans and providing you with high-quality images of your products (or poses as the case may be).

Another thing to look into might be events. I can only recommend this approach from a product-selling perspective, I am not sure how poses might do, but it certainly works for fashion to create limited edition products for various events. 

Get creative with your marketing!! Offer folks 10% back if they write a honest review on MP!! Include things like group inviters and notecards with your package delivery!! Where there is a will, there is a way, and just like IRL the landscape of the market and demand is always changing ;)

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Well, I wanted to ask about the SYSTEMS which is more recommended. I saw many on MP already.

But, I`m not sure which one could be better option. If anyone have installed it already would be great to know how stuff works.

In future I`m thinking to do more than just poses, that`s why I want open inworld store and I already got some bloggers.

Thank you all for the replies.

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If you are starting out you don't need anything fancy to get selling. for my poses i have pose stands rezzed for each pose collection for the purposes of demoing what you will get then a simple 1 prim wall display to buy from with a preview of all the poses in the pose stand or pack i also use vendor pose stands so people can try out and buy an individual pose you may also want a subscribe-o-matic so people can stay updated. anything you need to set up your inworld location can be bought on the marketplace if you want an idea of what you'll have to spend

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My advice, and this is just me, it might not be the best route for since you are in a different line. But then again it might be. I look for the cheapest available location, do not worry about traffic. Odds are no one is just going to happen on your store and make a purchase, most customers will be people who find your item on MP, and want to see it Inworld before buying, or people who you meet and send to your store, both these groups will get to your store regardless of the traffic in the sim. 

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Actually it all depends of what you want to achieve... I am all for having an in-world store, even if you sell stuff like clothes that can be demo-ed, and specially if you are going to sell poses. Store is a must. For me, store isn't just a place where customers come to preview the products, it is the place where you can represent the idea around them. If you like baby pink and glitter and stars you can put all that in your shop. And more ;)

Next big reason for having an in-world store is that it adds the credibility to your business, it makes it look like a real business, not just a hobby where you throw some products on the MP and don't bother to look at them anymore. There are tons of really cheap locations that you can rent and I would definitely advise you to get yourself one.

Don't buy the cheapest things because it will not make you satisfied and you will throw it away and buy a new one as soon as you get some money, its better to spare or buy mid-range and stick with it for some time. 

And you don't need special options, fancy vendors and anything in that manner. All that can come later when you start to get regular sales and most importantly, regular releases. A simple store will do you good for start. Try to plan in advance, see how much money can you put aside to pay the rent in case the store gets into some weird period and doesn't earn, for example one person will rent a parcel for 1000L$ because right now she has steady sales around 2k's per week. In one month her sales drop down and she no longer can afford that parcel so she has to move out. Your goal is to avoid this situation, to get the biggest place that you can pay the rent for at least one month, even if you earn nothing. 

I have E2V system and I'm happy with it. Not sure whats your budget? Same is for the store building, furniture, decorations and all that stuff... And you said nothing about the style you like and how you imagined your shop to look like? Maybe we can help with some specific advice? 

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