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Demon Cult Recruiting: Children of Soma Basilica

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Abstract: The Children of Soma Basilica is a demonic cult seeking members of various backgrounds. Chief themes are body modification, psychic connection, twisted spiritualism, demonic pacts, and bodily/spiritual/mental unification.


-Sim Details-

Sim: Hajime City

SL Link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Esperia/98/104/522

Website Link: http://hajime-city.forumotion.com/t155-about-hajime

Maturity: Adult

Genre: Anime, Futuristic, Modern Fantasy

Note: I am not a staff member of Hajime nor represent them in any way. I play a character there and wish to expand upon the cult in his background.


My Character-

Name: Anomie

Race: Human (Psionic + Demonic)

Concept: A gentleman and a monster. Flesh-shaping psionic.

Profile Link: http://hajime-city.forumotion.com/t350-anomie-awaiting-approval


-The Cult-

Introduction: Look about the world and you will see creatures of many make, but all affecting humanity in some way. The anthropomorphic form repeats itself across time and in creatures that have no common ancestry. Some say that demons take a human form to better trick their prey. That fox spirits shapeshift as they like with their illusions. The Children of Soma Basilica see a different truth at play. They take this repetition on form as a sign that once these many things were linked. At some point in the past, a more complete form of being was shattered and the pieces rendered incomplete. Almost all beings must subsist on the incorporation of others, through feeding in one form or another, or else face dissipation into the void entirely. The Children seek out how to become whole and proceed toward bringing about the birth of Soma Basilica. Their Goddess is a vague thing comprised of the sum total of all their connected minds, bodies, and spirits. For now, the cult explores the connections between their three pillars (mind, body, spirit) and splice pieces of other beings into themselves to fill in perceived gaps. They seek out what they believe to be pieces of the Goddess in demons, humans, spirits, any creature they believe has a worthy quality. This can be anything from powers to social qualities. As such, they focus deeply on connection and unification with others and the fostering of community. Monks may spend days synchronizing heartbeats or organize bacchanalian gatherings; all worthy methods of meditating on Soma Basilica's truths. Even as they corrupt, they uplift.


Positions: Anomie, the order's founding member, has arrived in Hajime recently and begun his usual works of assisting the common and downtrodden with his healing powers and force of presence. Through those bonds, he hopes to grow a cult here in the city and feed it to discover those sacred traits of the Goddess somewhere among the populace. Realistically speaking, few existing players of the sim will be willing to veer their characters under the banner of another, thus recruiting is more ideal to make this cult feel like an established presence instead of an OOC contrivance. The following positions are in the greatest demand to satisfy the concept:


  • Follower: People who turn to the cult for many personal reasons but don't necessarily submerge themselves in it. These might be humans who are addicted to the rush of pleasure felt under flesh shaping, those who have had their minds or bodies cured and feel a debt of loyalty, may have appealed to the cult to remove a demonic curse, and so forth. They have enough ties to the cult that they come to regularly check up with their activities and feel the urge to help.
  • Cultist: Followers who have crossed the threshold and committed themselves to Soma Basilica in one way or another. These are the believers who indeed submerge themselves in the actual doctrines. They may indeed have normal lives that make up most of their days, but they keep their faith in the hearts and work to steer things toward the Children's favor. Humans, spirits, demons, and so on; all are equally-admitted as cultists. Those willing to receive them are often given blessings from monks to shape the cultist to fulfil their duty. These blessings may range from those which benefit the recipient and those meant to help the cult as a whole. Some cultists may hunger for the power provided to deeper members of the cult, but the psychic link that comes with membership ensures that they have a true faith to the actual tenets. False members are easily discovered and pushed to the periphery.
  • Monk: These cultists are knowledgeable enough and have undergone enough cultivation that they actively pursue new truths of Soma Basilica. They both wander to pull new members into the beliefs as well as meditate and experiment on themselves to discover truths about the linkages between the three pillars. Anomie is the foremost monk of the order, though he claims no official title distinguishing him. Many monks call him First Voice or other such monikers to signify his closeness to the Goddess, having heard her call and spreading his teachings across the world. They favor clothing that symbolically marks them as holy people but also enticingly displays their bodies blessed by the Goddess' gifts.
  • Enshrined Mother/Father/Etc.: The cult regularly summons and contacts powerful and strange entities in order to learn about them. Sometimes these entities are believed to have a pure trait of the Goddess in them and others they are merely beneficial to obtain patronage from. In either event, these are demons, chthonian entities, and spirits who might not care for the teachings of the cult, but no less have made an agreement to act as a kind of patron saint to it. They have exchanged mystically binding oaths to not use their influence to schism followers to themselves and give some form of supernatural blessing or guidance to the members who call upon them. They are often worshiped and obeyed for the trait of the Goddess they contain. Anomie is believed by some to be an Enshrined Father, such that he provides the basis of the psychic network that connects them, though he denies the title.



Beyond the standards set by the community where I play Anomie (Hajime City, link above) there is little in the way of strict requirements or doctrines for the cult. If these themes and ideas interest you, please feel free to contact me in world at Circe.Pennent and I'd be happy to talk over ideas, workshop character concepts, and run a few scenes to see if our writing styles are compatible. Ideally, I'd like to have at least one of each of these categories, so do let me know if multiple among them interest you.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1431 days.

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