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Once upon a time there was a completely unmoderated forum.  A young woman asked a question (something about how to get a link to an indivual post I think but I am probably wrong and it doesn't matter

It had to be done.

Beautiful ceremony at the Hangout

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I love those ancient B&W horror movies. A friend I grew up with watched every single movie that ever was on late night TV (in those days any station that stayed on air after midnight showed old movies they could presumably get for free) to say nothing of all the movies of the day (his dad worked at the local walk-in). I was visiting one day and he saw this one was coming on that afternoon and insisted I watch it, just for one reason as it turned out. "The Black Scorpion". I had an instructor actually reference this film in a juco biology class! I can't recall the point he was trying to make but he used the phrase, "...about a giant scorpion that goes around stinging freight trains to death.", which has never left me. I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the class who'd actually seen the movie.

If you're willing to sacrifice four minutes of your life you can never get back, the reason he insisted I watch is included in this clip (Hint: it's an important safety tip). At the time I nearly collapsed in laughter.

ps. In related news our sources have learned that the science and research team members who stay over the winter in Antarctica traditionally have a shared party in which they screen "The Thing". Not sure if it's the original or the Kurt Russell remake (which is awesome).

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Yay solar eclipse!

Is anyone else having slow network speeds because too many people are trying to stream eclipse videos?


To add a little more to that, I have had several people come to me asking if there is a problem with our network.  It has been slow but is practically crawling now.  I tell them it is because of the eclipse.  They say, Oh, is it causing interference?  I say no.  Currently 87% of our bandwidth is taken up by http on port 80.  That means too damn many people are watching videos.


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12 minutes ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

Yay solar eclipse!

Is anyone else having slow network speeds because too many people are trying to stream eclipse videos?

Yes - the darn live feed that I tried watching kept timing out  xD

Luckily I am working from home today though, so I turned on the TV instead.

I'm considering planning a trip for the 2024 one - it will likely be the last one in the US / Mexico in my lifetime.

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