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12 hours ago, Xerxes Kingstop said:


But "RL" and "SL" are the vernacular so it is easiest just to go along.  I used to refer to "FL" and everyone thought I was talking about Florida. 

The problem here is that the term RL is used ALL over the internet,not just when speaking in SL platforms. So if you were to run around in lets say WoW(Shout out to my guildies!) and say FL,people would most definitely think you meant Florida or something kinky. :$ I assume most SL users use other parts of the internet/games as well,so I think that is why the term RL most likely won't be going anywhere.

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Once upon a time there was a completely unmoderated forum.  A young woman asked a question (something about how to get a link to an indivual post I think but I am probably wrong and it doesn't matter

It had to be done.

Beautiful ceremony at the Hangout

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13 hours ago, Xerxes Kingstop said:

Imo have a quick geekgasm. Please forgive me. 

The term "RL" as we use it in Second Life bothers me like a pebble in my shoe. 

Personally I like the term "Meatspace", as opposed to "Cyberspace" but that terminology is as outdated as "golly gee whillikers!" and most listeners have never heard it. *sigh*

I am sincerely not asking any of you to change. I'll be fine. I just had a moment, there. 

/rant, derez soap box

Thank you for not cringing 

... much

... where I could see ya. 

I must offer a correction, here. One may say "Golly". One may say "Gee whillikers". One never says them together like that.

I wish I could remember the name but I once (a very long time ago) read a book aimed at adolescents or maybe even pre-adolescents. Fiction. In it an American kid was paired up from a kid from somewhere in the Middle East, probably Saudi Arabia which at least most sentient Americans had heard of. The two kids became good friends. At some point the Saudi kid says, "I've been surprised; some of this isn't what I expected. I've not once heard you say "Gee whillikers". The American kid replies, "Yeah, and I haven't heard you say, "By the beard of the Prophet!".

How in the world do I remember things like this? I think I might have some genetic tweak that lets me selectively remember really good things.

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21 hours ago, Skell Dagger said:

Thank you! And god yes, that was so much fun, right down to the invites with Skell's butt in a miniskirt :D A trailer park shotgun wedding, literally! (For those not attending, Skell was dragged to the altar by his hair - lol!) Reception disco with dancing in drag and thongs, plus the bonus attraction of $5 bridesmaid lapdances!

I think I have some screenshots faved on Flickr, including a lovely one of you as Ruby-Mae, with some... interesting sign placement...


And the tender moment when the groom and groom approached the altar...


Well if I ever get married again I know how I am going to do it next time now, but I still want it in a Church, this Church.


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