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Once upon a time there was a completely unmoderated forum.  A young woman asked a question (something about how to get a link to an indivual post I think but I am probably wrong and it doesn't matter

It had to be done.

Beautiful ceremony at the Hangout

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3 minutes ago, Xerxes Kingstop said:

So now we just need to get some bodies at the hangout inworld ...

It took us hours to bury the last ones!

Do you see a sign saying dead newbie storage anywhere?

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i put the sexy in dyslexia
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15 hours ago, Chase01 said:

You know someone created that sweatshirt in sl. A fairly large designer I might add. Maybe in your next post you will be in it? :x

Sweeet! I will have to get it. My lindens build overtime, so when I log in after awhile I have a little pocket change to spend through. Thanks for letting me know. :)

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