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slight mistake. could use answers.


>i bought Linden using my debit card

>i did something wrong and had to cancel the order
( purchased using Best Rate Buy (Limit Buy) when meaning to use Instant Buy )

>I get the US currency placed onto account. sweet.
>great, go to buy it right way that I intended to do originally

>accidentally select an old card that is expired, instead of my card

>payment goes through.


In short, I picked the wrong card (an inactive one) when going to use US$ credit that was on my SL account.

I'm almost positive it didn't charge the inactive card,,,, but I'm highkey anxious & confused.
am i gonna get in trouble for this?
or should i contact support???

only i can screw up this much l o l

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As long as your purchase was no more than the amount you had in your $USD balance, it should not matter what credit card info you used...the money is taken from your $USD balance.

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