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Kasumi Ravenheart


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Want to be part of the Cosmic Enforcement?

COSMOS MASTER is recruiting persons for the position of CSR.


COSMOS MASTER is a sci-fi RPG, multiplayer, where you take your ship into a new whole adventure trough cosmos, gathering resources from different planets and strategy in battle. 

More about COSMOS MASTER: http://cosmosmaster.com/

Visit our headquarters: http://secondlife.com/destination/cosmos-master

Requisites are:

- Previous work as an CSR.

-  No new accounts. (30+ days old)

- Recommendations are a plus.

- Anglophone.

- Good social skills.

- Able to work under pressure.


Please copy the questions below to a notecard fill them, send them to Kasumi Ravenheart.

Rename the Notecard adding your name plus "CSR Recruitment"

Example: Kasumi Ravenheart - RSC Recruitment
Why are you interested in working in COSMOS MASTER?:

Have you read the requirements, agree and apply to all of them?:

Please name your previous works:

Please name the persons that can recommend you:

Tell us more about yourself in work:

Are you a current player in COSMOS MASTER?:

Did you knew about COSMOS MASTER before?:

Please tell us how:

Any questions, add them below please:

Thank you for taking the time to apply!



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