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NeoVictoria; the dark roleplay estate with a machinima twist

Asil Ares

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How to Find Us In-World

Here are the main SLUrls:

 NeoVictoria Steampunk SkyMall, Machinima Arts & Roleplay Homes

 NeoLondon; dark roleplay with Steampunk style at NeoVictoria

 The in-world group is the NeoVictoria Roleplay Group. If you'd like to join our community, we have an online application, here's its link: http://flavors.me/neovictoria#562/custom_plain.

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Why Use Dice?

It adds a degree of risk and uncertainty to encounters. Which helps to foster a “dark” environment.

Players must use our roleplaying tool suite to roleplay in NeoVictoria. Dice rolls are used to determine outcomes; the one rolling the dice RPs the outcome.

The JK Roleplay Tool Suite HUD is free and there are vendors in the Transport Center of the skymall .

We do trainings on how to use it. 

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Our community website is a private place where we chronicle the storyworld as it unfolds and includes:

Individual webpages with personal blog & email functions for all members.

A roleplay wOOt where we post roleplay transcripts.

Forums for roleplay best practices, estate information, machinima storyboards & Second Life tips.

Event calendar

Shout-box and private live chat.

Photo galleries & video archives.

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NeoVictoria Sim ~ NeoLondon Town

The main Sim is a huge build, with extensive sewers and multiple structures, each with its own roleplay function.  Highlights include:

The Cathedral of Air & Darkness ~ This vast pile touches the clouds & hosts a terrible power.

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Machinima Sim ~ The Suburbs

Our roleplay rentals are here, for folks who want to live where they play.  However, there is also ample public space including:

River walk with 7 Seas Fishing

Armillary Park with its spellball

The Maze with its movement drones & traps.

Underwater sewers and river space with Linden water.

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What’s in the Skylevel of NeoVictoria?

•Visitors Center ~ A walking tour which gives you all the information and tools you’ll need to roleplay with us.
•Dirigible ~ An OOC-space for meetings and administrative work.
•Sidhe Empire Riftvator ~ A fantastical construction that will take your avatar to the land level for roleplay.
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What’s in the Teleportation Station?

•The Jade Kreations Role Play Tool Suite Vendor ~ a FREE item.
•The Game Master Paging System ~ Pictures of the active administrators with alerts if they’re online.
•Transporter ~ a round disk embedded in the floor; click to transport to the land level for roleplay.
•Rental Server & information giver for roleplay rental homes.
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What’s in the Machinima Skymall ?

•NeoVictoria SkyClub (music, classes, OOC fun)
•Avatar Accessories
•Ladies Clothing & Shoes
•Gentlemen's Clothing & Shoes
•Weapons & Armor
•Free movies from our roleplay.
•The BijoCam Tutorials
•Practice Arena
•7 Seas Fishing & Kiosk
•Avatar Teleportation Station
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About the Neo’Verse

So many races exist: demons and clockwerk men, fallen demi-gods, constructs powered by gears and magic, humans ...vampires, werebeasts and angels, all held against the ravages of time by magic, intrigue and human ingenuity.

If you play a character from outside the ‘verse, have an RP reason for how they entered this dimension and accept the laws of faire which exist here.

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Timeline of The Empire

1,000 BC ~ Doom of the Gods i.e. Ragnarok (also known as Gotterdammerung ...the End of the World, literally 'Destruction of the Powers').
990 BC ~ The bridges between the nine worlds collapse, the remaining supernaturals begin to fade as the routes to their home dimensions become more and more unstable.
980 BC ~ Alexandrina Victoria visions a way for the sidhe to remain in Midgard.
970 BC ~ The great Sidhe Civil Wars begin
900 BC ~ Alexandrina Victoria's forces take control of the British Isles, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.
600 BC ~ Alexandrina Victoria's forces take control of Russia, East Asia and the sub-Continent
500 BC ~ Alexandrina Victoria's forces take control of Africa and Australia
400 BC ~ Hall of Cups created
300 BC ~ All of Europe falls to the Empire and the Sidhe Wars come to an end.
200 BC ~ North America becomes part of the Empire.
100 BC ~ South America becomes part the Empire.
1 AD ~ Coronation of the Queen as the sole ruler of old Earth, pax Britannica becomes the dominate political system.
100 AD ~ Soul Casters Guild formed
200 AD ~ Portals to other worlds are opened
300 AD ~ The Empire expands beyond old Earth, New Earth in the Andromeda system is the first conquered.
400 AD ~ NeoVictoria is found and conquered, but having few natural resources or magical sentient natives, is soon forgotten.
600 AD ~ Strand Republic forms
800 AD ~ Jurius murdered
810 AD ~ Strand Wars Begin
850 AD ~ Empire victorious (Strand Wars end)
2129 AD ~ The present day

This will change as the roleplay develops, however, the general idea is that the current political structure has been in place on Old Earth for more than 3,000 years.

Figured out what "AD" and "BC" mean in the Neo-Verse, as the Christ doesn't figure as a major player in this world-view.

BC = Before Coronation

AD = After Dominion


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Our Mythology

Our characters live on the planet "NeoVictoria" in the galaxy "VICO III“. The year is 2129.

In this alternate reality, the supernaturals never faded and Queen Victoria (a Sidhe herself) still sits on a throne with an empire that spans the known universe.

BrigidAshwood's evocative "Locust Queen" is the 'official' portrait of our queen and is used with the permission by the artist.

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Why Dark Roleplay?

Because ghost stories & weird tales were always a favorite.

While not dystopic, we are a "dark" roleplay simulation. Activities regarded evil are here. Slavery, murder, theft & random violence are all appropriate to this world. Demons, vampires, lycanthropes, creatures from other planes, rapists, serial killers & similar creatures roam the streets. This means *characters* may act in aggressive, predatory, criminal and/or plain uncomfortable ways.

NeoVictoria is for adults, players must be at least 18 years old in real life to play here.

We have an Observer’s Tag you can wear, if you want to visit but not roleplay. Be respectful of the work, no OOC shouting or excessive gesturing. Please dress to the theme (Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk).

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Table of Contents

•Why Dark Roleplay?
•Our Mythology
•The Sky Level
–Machinima SIM
–Transport Center
–NeoVictoria SIM
–Visitor Center
•The Land Level
–The Suburbs
•The Websites
•The Roleplay Tools
•How to Find Us
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Welcome to the Project

Having always loved Steampunk, when we dreamed of creating a world, those kinds of images came to our mind’s eye. And the possibility of a community whose roleplay isn’t lost once the scene is over. The goal of NeoVictoria is to create a virtuous circle where roleplay becomes filmed story.

NeoVictoria is a small community of gifted artists working together to bring their stories out of Second Life and into the world of the real.

Welcome to dark roleplay, Steampunk-style.

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