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The Grab Event (Luxury, elegance, exclusive)

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For the creators:

The GRAB Event invites YOU! - SPRING 2017

The GRAB - exclusive sales event
Grand opening: April 28, 2017

Thank you for helping to make Second Life such a wonderful and exciting place with your imagination, talent and work!
We would like to acknowledge your contribution to this amazing world and invite you to an event that celebrates SL Creators and their work, starting April 28, 2017.

I represent the owner of The Grab event, Ying Thai, and it is an honor to invite you as a SL creator!

Please take a look at our web page at


there you can find everything most of the information you need and please feel free to ask me anything. I will have a manager call you back within 24 hours with detailed information.
And why not come visit us to see the luxury, elegance and exclusiveness we provide at The Grab - exclusive sales event site!


For the visitors:

it will be an honor to see you all there!!

We need staff at our web you can see all about it

Taxi come see the luxury, elegance place we have created!!: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lakewood/202/122/35


The GRAB Grabbed AD 01.png

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