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Looking to Hire - Manuel Bastioni Lab and Avastar

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I have a manuel bastioni lab mesh I created using the add on in blender. I have attached it to avastar and whilst the bones work nicely and the weights copied over beautifully. I cannot get it to load into second life properly. it is deforming insanely in the spine and does not match up with the SL avatar (I am wanting it to fit standard sized XS and XXS clothing.)

I would like to get someone to help me finish off the rigging of the avatar itself, including bento bones. The mesh has shape keys that I would like to keep in place as well.

To discuss payment and exchange references and files etc please contact me in world.

Interregnums Resident

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I thought you could only use Avastar/blender successfully in a dae export to SL?  [someone correct me if I am wrong] Isn't that why Avastar is so successful.  I had a brief look and try out of Manuel Bastioni   some time ago.  Nice support for figures and making clothes etc etc, but LL platform does not seem to like it?  correct?? I shall continue to learn Avastar   SL is a very precise & somewhat odd and extremely restrictive platform for good reasons. make human also had it's weakneses ala SL? 

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