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Dear Resident,

On offer today is a secluded and private ocean front location.

A gorgeous green garden sim. This island is 32768 m² in size or half of a residential Homestead island and comes with 2500 prims to build and landscape.

This island comes with full terraforming and great mountain views.

Come and take a look at this extremely private and exclusive location to build your house.


Any questions IM Count Burks in world today.


Tier can be paid in Lindens or in USD by Paypal as you desire. You can pay your rent per week or per month. The tier meter can be located in the corner of the land.

Experience what it is like to live on lag free land with excellent service and support when you need it.

I am looking forward to meet you in world.


Count Burks


Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price


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