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[DJ] Looking For Work

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Howdy Person n_n

The name is Krash, I've been DJing for the past year in Second Life, at a rather alarming rate. I've owned my own clubs, managed clubs for others and simply been a perm slot DJ for a handful more. When asked what makes me "special" as a Second Life DJ, well - I always show up, I'm a goofball while I'm on air, and I'm usually more active in chat than my hosts because I love to interact with the patrons. I am currently looking at filling my DJ schedule a bit more so I'm interested in contacting the clubs I may not have come across in my travels just yet.

A few things about me
- I do not voice over during my sets, and I won't.
- I often switch between furry avatars and human. I enjoy being around all kinds of people
- I will do one time events (not just interested in working for JUST clubs, I will gladly look at doing events for clubs that don't generally have DJs)
- I normally play Bounce & Bass, although I do love playing top chart music and going throwback as well.
- I am +1 to SLT, I am normally on 5-10PM on weekdays, and it varies on weekends, but usually the same times

If you wish to contact me, hit me in world at krash1989. I receive my offline messages via email so if I see something I can generally reply pretty quick.
& if you're interested or in need of a demo, here you go : https://www.mixcloud.com/Krash_SL/krash-course-006-energy-club-hiring-demo/

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Because I wanted to ^-^

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