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The Residences at Saddle River Crossing

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BBVision is pleased to announce the opening of the Residences at Saddle River Crossing. This is a master planned community designed for families and individuals who want to live in a scenic, peaceful location yet still have a sense of community. Covering two sims of wooded area, Saddle River is the ideal place for an affordable, high quality, living experience with a management team with over 30 years combined SL property management experience.

In order to maintain our planned look and feel we do have limitations on which homes may be used on our properties. If one of our available models isn't a fit for you, we understand and wish you the best in your search. But, if you take a liking to what you see, we would love to have you. 


Click the Property Link Below or Visit us at our Leasing Office

* Additional prims available at a rate of L$1.5/prim per week.

* All properties come with CasperTech Security Orb.


Buckhorn 101 - 800 prims for only L$1200/week. 




58cd393cd474b_Buckhorn103SaddleRiver.png.2fa249528ac7f7d53d5e11d1ce5b5df5.png       Buckhorn 103 - 1000 prims for only L$1500/week.





Buckhorn 104 - 1000 prims for only L$1500/week.



58cd393fcd332_Catawissa105SaddleRiver.png.9f3310df837060af095802527a145e75.png      Catawissa 105 - 1000 Prims for only L$1500/week.

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