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Welcome to Leashed Ladies Sissy School. We pride ourselves on being the best (and only) sissy academy in secondlife. We are an academy for sissies and other taboo fetishes and kinks where you can progress in your feminization, becoming the woman you were meant to be. 

We participate in BDSM here and femdom over all. The Dommes (females) are the instructors. To be addressed as Madame. We have a complex system here, that also includes ranking up (as you progress in your education) as well as progress reports, report cards, and private one-on-one tutoring sessions with teachers. Each student will receive a grade after each semester. A semester is one real life month. 

Please note that classes are in text and voice, depending on the instructor. It is incredibly helpful if you can hear voice. You are not required to speak.

Tuition is 2,500L$ a month, paid to the tuition ATM. Cage rental is also required for live in ladies.
We indulge in a variety of fetishes such as AB/DL, findom, femdom. sissification, objectification, blackmail, hypnosis, humiliation, RLV, confinement, chastity, forced bisexual, cuckolding, and much more.

We have classes and training directly with our instructors daily. Our classes focus on several core elements such as..

 - talking like a lady
 - walking in heels
 - domestic housewife classes (how to clean, laundry, etc)
 - how to do makeup
 - how to do your hair
 - how to dress
 - how to cook
 - dance classes
 - how to act feminine
 - feminine hygiene 
 - how to make your profile feminine
 - sex - ed
 - how to suck a cock properly
 - anal training
 - hypnosis & brainwashing
 - proper female pronouns
 - rlv training
 - chores
 - fitness/exercise

Questions? Contact a Head Mistress.



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