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Another club Looking for Staff

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There are SO many clubs looking for DJ', hosts, and dancers.  How do you choose?

We are an adult community.  NOT a sex sim.  We have a great club with very good traffic, Discussions, Support Group, Mentoring, Workshops, Library.  We have a Fetish Hotel, motor boating, jet skiing.  We have a beautiful sim and we'd love for you to stop by and check it out.

Our club is relaxed, fun, all accepting, non judgmental.  And we're looking for more staff.  We want high energy people who like to think outside of the box and dare to be different.  Our staff has input into event themes and it's really true when we say we're family.  Dysfunctional sometimes, but

We invite you to come look around and meet some people.  And why not grab an app while your'e there.  Or contact Casidei Resident if you have any questions.  

We're not the only great club around.  We might not even be the best club around.  But we do think you'll like us.  


Blade's Edge

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