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Bee Nexen

Skyboxes start from L$5 a week at Buzzy Bee Rentals

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At Buzzy Bee Rentals, private dressing-rooms start from L$5 a week and sky-homes start from L$10 a week.

Home-rental includes the free use of two mainland boat-jetties, one being right next to Governor Linden's Mansion. Great for sailing and exploring.

Newbie and oldbie friendly.

Furnished and unfurnished skyboxes, platforms, airspace and ground-levels are available. No claustrophobic box cities or complicated teleport machines. Just simple landmarks and personal customer service.

All of my rental homes have visual and audio privacy. No outside avatar can see avatars inside a land-parcel nor read their local chat, and vice versa. Security orbs are also available by request.

Everything is negotiable. You can mix-and-match my furniture and buildings to create your own style, or replace my objects with yours.
You could receive a 10% refund of your rent each week by having your rent paid four weeks in advance and including our office in your Profile Picks. Some conditions apply.
I invite you to visit my office and inspect my display homes.

When you arrive, click the Buzzy Bee Rentals sign for more information.


Bee Nexen, Buzzy Bee Rentals

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