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How to Add Your Signature!

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  1. Log into the Forums with your Second Life account.

  2. Click on “Account Setting”


  1. Click “Signature”

  2. Add your wordage to the text box OR to add an image, click on “insert other media”.

(If you would like to view other Resident’s signatures, please click on the "View Signature" slide.)



5. Add the direct link / URL to the URL box and click "Insert into post"


(If your signature does not have a direct link / URL, you may add it to a free image hosting site to get one)


6. Once you have finished creating/downloading your signature, click on the “Save” button.



Your Signature is now complete and should be visible!

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I like signatures, and they don't need to be commercial, they can just be a creative expression. 

Way back on the old SL Exchange forum, we spent a lot of time on our signatures and asked for feedback, etc. When we migrated to the LL Fourms we insisted on keeping them. 

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Okay, I FINALLY figured it out!!!  OMG, that sucked, LOL.  Don't know why regular HTML wouldn't actually function, but for those of you as frustrated as me... This is how I added a picture-link to my signature:

1) Basic steps that have been covered: Top-right corner>Your Name>Account Settings>Signature (on bottom-left corner)

2) Upload a photo that's 500x125

3) Click the "+" on the newly uploaded photo, so photo gets placed into signature edit box

4) Double click the picture in the signature edit box

5) New window comes up where you can put in a link, image title, and even align this picture

6) Click update

7) Take a deep breath, it's all over and you succeeded LOL!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1156 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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