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SINEWAVE ISLAND!!! can someone find out what has happened to owner and staff??

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4 days of people buying and not recieving items,help!  Is there anyway to find out or at least hold the buying items on SINEWAVE island until someone with the staff can return online, apparently no one is around and I am more concerned that something has happened rather than getting the skates I bought and not recieved right now. Ive tried to IM anyone associated with the store and its builds since Thursday with not response..and in just 4 people I saw at the store over the next 2 days had the same problem. If this forum is the wrong place to ask for anyone with info or is friends with anyone from there for help,I appologize... but something has happened to customer service. I am in no way saying "dont shop there" ,I love the products, they just aren't going where they need to go right now and maybe someone can help , find  someone who has rights to fix it, or put a hold on things until things are right.

Very concerned,

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not sure about now..but didn't they have a website for support as well as other things you could go to as well?


ETA: It looks like their site is down at the moment..they may be doign somethign with that..

they may be working oin that and just not online in sl..they could have had server problems as well that has them  all hands on deck..

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