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I used to be fairly active answering questions posted in ANSWERS. Trying to use Answers I have come to think it is totally broken.

See: BUG-41534 - New Answers Search Broken

I have yet to figure out how to ask a question, much less track pending questions so I can provide answers.

Anyone figured out to find pending questions?

Or how to ask questions?

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It's not broken, but it's very different from the Answers forum we all hated, but had become used to.

How to ask a question:  There's a link in the upper right, next to the orange "Reply to this topic" button, that says "Start new topic".

How to find pending questions:  There is no longer a display of all the most recent posts in Answers as a whole (darn it!!!!!)  Instead, all the help forums are listed...Griefing, Account, Technical, etc.  Sub-forums with unanswered posts are shown in boldface.

There does not appear to be a forum-specific Search function.  However, there's the site-wide Search box at the right side of the top menu bar.  But you may be right about this being broken.  I tried entering "graphics driver" there, and it only searched THIS thread, returning (as might be expected) no results.  I tried directing the search to the Technical sub-forum of Answers, but it again searched THIS thread.  Hmmm.

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