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Art Exhibition and Contest at Shekhawati

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Dear Artists, Gallery Owners, and  Art Lovers

Medley Arts is proud to announce their first Exhibition and Art Contest at our newly renovated Haveli Art Gallery.  Haveli is located in Shekhawati, a sim dedicated to the art, culture and architecture of India and the South Asian sub-continent.

The first floor of of Haveli Art Gallery is organised with traditional Indian paintings.  The Exhibition and Contest will take place on the second floor. 


Exhibition and Contest:

The title of the contemporary art contest and exhibition is 'Inspired by Mythology'.  

Ancient myth has always provided fertile ground for artists and theorists of the visual.  However, current writing on contemporary art is, with few exceptions, curiously devoid of mythological content, despite demonstrable interest in myth on the part of several contemporary artists, ranging from earlier figures such as Louise Bourgeois and Cy Twombly to more recent arrivals such as Gregory Crewdson, Fred Wilson, Bill Viola, Ann Hamilton, and John Currin.   While some artists’ work invokes the power of classical European mythology explicitly, as in an expressly narcissistic video by Patty Chang (Fountain, 1999) or an Orpheus-inspired installation by Felix Gonzales-Torres (Untitled (Orpheus, Twice), 1991), others gesture toward myth in more subtle ways, as do for example, Gerhard Richter’s mirrored installations and paintings. 


*Artists can participate with painting, photography, or collage. 

*The artwork has to be new and created exclusively for this specific contest.

* Artwork must be related to the title 'Inspired by Mythology'.

* Every piece of art submitted will need to be accepted by  the curator, art gallery owner, and the jury  to eliminate artworks that are not related to the title of the exhibition and not authentic

* The jury consists of 3 people, with the winner chosen by a combination of a judging points system and public voting. Public votes will represent 25% and the points system 75%.  

* At the end of exhibition and voting the top 3 artist winners  will be awarded prizes as follows: 

5000 L for the 1st

3000 L for the 2nd

2000 L for the 3rd 

* During the exhibition the artists will be able sell their art works. Haveli Gallery will collect 25% of the sales price as reimbursement of expenses

* The artist may use up to 25 prims. 

* Each artist can participate with one artwork.

* Deadline for submitting works is May 1st.  Works can be sent to Veekay Navarathna (gallery owner) or  Audrey Cresci (curator). Once accepted, The works will be on display for two months. The jury will conduct their survey of the works during that time.

* A notecard should be submitted with the artwork containing the title, media used, explanation of the work, and information about the artist to be included in the catalogue of the exhibition. 

Sponsor of the Exhibition and Owner of the Gallery: 

Medley Art Group / Veekay Navarathna 

Curator: Audrey Cresci

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Its not too late to submit an artwork to the Exhibition and Art Contest now going on at Haveli Gallery...all digital works accepted...please see contest rules posted here 2 weeks ago...is there an artist lurking inside you? Now's your chance to show the world! Please contact Audrey Cresci inworld for further information.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4824 days.

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