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Remember, however, that one of the big reasons for introducing the Complexity slider was to make it possible to block griefers who use graphics killers.  If you move the Maximum Complexity slider all the way to the right, you are defeating that important feature.  It's much wiser to set it t a mid-range value, like 300,000.  That way, you will see most avatars (except the truly overbloated ones) and you will block graphics killers.

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Setting the maximum complexity to 300,000 should work fine. If you then stumble on people that are a colored blob - we lovingly call them jelly dolls - that you want to see you can fully render them from the avatar right click menu. Right click on the person then:

  1. if you use the vertical (drop-down) menu, look for "Render Fully"; or:
  2. with a circular (pie) menu click 'More >' twice, then 'Render >', then 'Fully'.

Not asked for, but more on the topic of avatar complexity: toggles for seeing the avatar render cost / complexity value in the name tags can be found in Preferences > General. Your own complexity always shows in the Outfit Editor.

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