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Enjoy fantasy RP? Wanna play as a Fae? Come join us!

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This isn't official SIM-recruiting so to speak, more of a personal nature, BUT it still benefits everyone involved!

I'm currently playing in Conquest of Elysium and I want to a) grow the Fae/Mystfolk faction and b) get my NPC family into actual PCs! I love really involved and interesting story lines and the more people, the better! Below is some starter knowledge for you, requirements, etc.

My character is an Aos Sí Fae straight from Tír na nÓg (the Mysts, Avalon, the Otherworld, etc) named Sybil. She's generic straight from Irish faerie folklore. Fair skinned, red hair, freckles, etc. Just to give you a visual idea of myself. She's a bit cynical about anything not pertaining to her people or the Forest but cares deeply about those two things and has an unwavering loyalty to the Ard Rhi, High Queen of all the Fair Folk in the mortal world.

Now, what I am seeking are PCs for Sybil's children. All Seelie Fae though I would be okay with not strictly full Aos Sí, that could be discussed. Most Fae take lovers even when mated so she would be no exception to that. The way Fae age, they choose when to "grow". So, they control their physical appearance. You could be 500 years old and still look 10 or be 6 years old and look 58. That being said, you could play as a child avatar or as a full grown avatar. Your choice! Keep in mind, you can age older but can't age back down again!



→ Current av (no flexi; no default body; mesh parts if not all)
→ Fluent English speaker though it doesn't have to be your native language. A basic concept and execution of grammar are needed.
→ Paragraph role-player to /some/ degree, though 3 paragraphs per post aren't necessary.
→ EST time zone preferred but if not, we can work around it since I have the MOST jacked schedule.

Don't worry if you don't have a good 'costume', I shall help outfit you for the part so long as you can be dedicated and long-term. That stuff costs money you know! 

Shoot me an IM in-world if you're interested! I look forward to hearing from you :matte-motes-bashful:

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