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Not been in SL in ages, got new computer with Windows 7. What is the best SL viewer download?

Savannah Aima
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Best depends on what you want to do and your experience level.

That you have Windows 7 and it is a new computer... doesn't tell us much. Is it 32 or 64 bit? What CPU, graphics card, how much memory...

I suggest you download the default Linden made SL Viewer. You will need it to trouble shoot any problems you run into. Firestorm will ask you if any problem experienced with Firestorm is also experinced with the Linden viewer. SL Support will only support the Linden viewer.

So, regardless which viewer you decide to use, you will need the Linden viewer for troubleshooting.

Firestorm is the power users' viewer. I has way more featuers than the Linden viewer. The downside of that is there is more to learn.

There are other good viewers. You'll find them listed here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers

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Important safety note:


1. Newest does not automatically mean best... Or worst...

2. There are more than two viewers, and no I'm not talking about the assortment of experi,mental LL test viewers




Take a look try a few, which is *best* depends on your system, what you want from a viewer, etc. on a Win 7 32 bit, I'd say use Catznip ofr Black Dragon, both are good viewrs and less bloatware than Firestorm which seems better suited to 64bit self styled 'Power Users'  who demand the inclusion of an automated tool to do everything the rest of us either never have to do, or can do by hand just fine.

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