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Alecto Balan

starting up problems

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Hi there,

I dont know what to try :p The problem is that if I log in, the sim rezzes, but i dont. I appear as a cloud and I can wait till forever to rezz.

things I've tried or concluded:

* rebake doesnt work. the viewer does pause for a few seconds, but doesnt have effect

* logging in with another avi has the same results (though on the same sim)

* my inventory doesnt rezz either. some items do, but other folders stay on "(loading...)"

* other avi's appear like "??? ((loading...).)" on my radar

* my name appears on the first like "???" and the second line "alecto.balan", like I changed my display name into something (but I didnt)

* I cant TP to anywhere

* I cant search for any land, just like the inventory it stays on searching and wont move on

* in taskmanager (ctrl+alt+del) under network, the network doesnt have any activity. my viewer is the only thing Ive got running.

* ALL problems occure in both viewer2 as in phoenix

* logging in on Secondlife_beta has no problems at all (though it doesnt have my complete inventory there)

* cleaning my cache of phoenix didnt work

* rebooted the computer

* reinstalled both viewers

* internet speedtest shows my max speedtest and the ping to google is 17 average

a friend logged in on my account and he didnt have the problems, though he was logged in on his own acount at the same time, so in that case I think its because he already has a connection to the grid, he can fetch the data of my account through that, but because I dont have a connection, I cant fetch.


does anyone have the same problem or even better, a sollution ^^


thanks in advance ;)

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Sometimes this happens.

Its simply fixed by using Character Test. On viewer 2 you go to Develop menu -> Avatar -> Character Tests -> Test Male/Female (on Phoenix its under Advanced menu->Character). It brings you back on newbie-look. After this you need wear all your stuffs back from your inventory.

For making this easy in future: create a folder where your all important body parts are. Then you can easily wear your avi back when you done this Charcter Test first.

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But first you could log in different region (type region name from start) if this all happens only in region where you were last time. If this does not work and your avi is still a cloud, you need reset your avatar by way I told. ;)

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